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A-Z guide to the student societies in TCD

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Society Grant Application open on 3rd October 2016. Follow this link to find the accounts system. If you have mislaid your login details you can contact Lucy

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TCD Societies produce some of the best student printed media in the country. Check out all their brilliant publications on our Issuu feed

TCD Society FAQs

Current TCD Students and Staff can join TCD Societies. Presentation of a current staff or student card and registration with a valid TCD email address is necessary for registration.

Throughout freshers week (19th September) each society will have a stall erected in front square where you can learn more about each society and have the oopportunity of joining.

For those staying in Halls, there will be an opportunity to join TCD societies before freshers week begins. This information will be circulated by the JCR.

Each society charges a membership fee generally between €2 and €6. This gives you access to the society’s events as advertised throughout the year.

Generally societies sign up members at all events at the start of term. We recommend you research the society through our database or on Facebook, and contact them directly for information.

News & Announcements



The CSC Michaelmas Term General Meeting will take place at 5p.m. on Tuesday 27th September in the Swift Theatre.

CSC Society Officer Training

Will take place on 1st Oct 2016 from 10am – 2pm in the Alexander Hotel