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The Microbiological Society aims to keep people up to date on the current research in the field and expose its members to a variety of different research areas. Members are undergraduates, postgraduates, postdocs, and PIs in microbiology and related fields which provides a great chance to meet your peers and other people with similar interests. Throughout the year we hold seminar series and other events to help expand our knowledge on different microbial areas and provide a great chance to network. Topics and guest speakers are chosen for their ability to provide topical, factual, and up-to-date information on state-of-the-art developments as well as to illustrate important principles of the natural sciences. Our academic event calendar also includes conferences and focus meetings, while our social calendar includes parties, coffee mornings, pub quizzes, and more!

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Microbiological Society C/O Moyne Institute Trinity College Dublin 2 Faculty of Microbiology

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