DU Amnesty International is the Trinity College Dublin branch of Amnesty International. Working independently and with the Irish division of the organisation, we aim to educate on, raise awareness of, campaign against, prevent, halt and rectify abuses of human rights both at home and overseas. In particular, we’re focusing through our campaigns of 2019/20 on promoting Human Rights Defenders (BRAVE Campaign) and on mitigating the plight of refugees (I Welcome Refugees Campaign), as well as ensuring that the aspirations and success of our Repeal Campaign are carried into the next stage of the fight for reproductive rights. Throughout the year we host notable guest speakers, put on film screenings, organise petition signings, protest, orchestrate campaign events and balance the solemnity of our causes with tie-dye t-shirt making, Christmas card writing, nights out and our infamous Amnes-tea parties. Interested in joining one of our campaigns? Passionate about other pressing current issues? Want a means to highlight an injustice you think is going relatively unseen? If your none of these, do you want to stand with a friend or loved one who is affected by some of the issues? Injustice somewhere is injustice anywhere, no matter where it is or how big it is – and if you’re with us on that, we want to be with you too

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