College Historical Society (The Hist)

The College Historical Society (The Hist) is the world’s oldest student society and has been at the heart of discourse and discussion in the college for two and a half centuries. The Society acts as a forum for members to engage with peers, world experts, and students in other universities (such as Oxford and Edinburgh) on the pressing issues of our times, particularly at our renowned Wednesday night debates. Upcoming debates include the potential overlap of socialism and climate change solutions, while recent guests include George RR Martin, Natalie Dormer, and Pattie Smith! This year marks the Hist’s 250 th Anniversary and wonderful College-wide celebrations will be open to all of our members! Showcase debates with prestigious former members, friends from other Universities, keynote speakers, and world-class panel discussions will be held throughout the year as well as special balls, social events, and much much more! As the original debating society, the Hist helped set the model for similar societies around the world. In February 1815, Hist committee members travelled to Cambridge University to assist the foundation of their Union, a society which exists to this day as one of the Hist’s Corresponding Societies (sister organisations). Today, the College Historical Society continues to provide a forum for debate that attracts the world's most prestigious speakers - Nobel laureates, heads of state, intellectuals and political activists come to Ireland each year to address the Society's members. In its time it has been addressed by figures such as W.B Yeats, Winston Churchill, Ted Kennedy, Margarethe Vestager, Desmond Tutu, Caroline Lucas, and Naom Chomsky.

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