Theological Society (Theo)

The College Theological Society was founded in 1830 and along with the Phil and the Hist forms the esteemed triad of the College’s oldest enduring societies. Its original purpose was centred around formal theological formation catering predominately to the privileged few of one religion and one gender. In more recent times it has evolved into a space where on Monday evenings at 6.30pm students, academics, and experts in their field come together. They discuss and debate topics including spirituality, ethics, the climate crisis, sexuality, faith, social justice, and human rights. Society is frequently faced with these pressing subjects and the Theo plays an important role in fostering the college community to recognise and address these issues. The Theo meets in the Graduate Memorial Building (GMB) and in addition has a religious academic library which members can avail of. It is in the Bram Stoker Room. Everyone is welcome regardless of their belief and the Theo is working hard to encourage an environment of inclusion and equality for all.

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Email Address: [email protected]

Postal Address: Theological Society (Theo)
Bram Stoker Room, Graduates Memorial Building, Trinity College, Dublin.

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