Student Managed Fund

The TSMF is the first initiative of its kind within Europe, it manages a real-life long-only equity portfolio and is 100% run by students. We are a non-remunerated organization with two primary mandates. The first of which is educate Trinity students with a view to granting them a competitive advantage in the jobs market at home and abroad. The second of which is to give back to the community which sustains us, to that end 10% of annual profits are donated to the Trinity Access Programme (TAP) which assists students from underrepresented backgrounds with their tuitions fees and other expenses. The remaining 90% of our returns are reinvested into the portfolio with a view to growing it to a critical mass whereby the 10% donated to charity becomes a meaningful sum.

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Email Address: [email protected]

Postal Address: Student Managed Fund
Box 101, The Atrium Building, TCD, Dublin 2

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