South East Asian Society

DU South East Asian Society (DUSEAS) is a community not just for South East Asians, but for the whole student body too! A conglomerate of over 10 nationalities, each with a unique culture, the SEA society is sure to offer a plethora of enriching eye opening experiences. We aim to exude the famous SEA hospitality for everyone, share our culture and feed our amazing cuisines through our many events planned out for the academic year. Among these events, we will observe and celebrate festivals/occasions from SEA, play sports and traditional games, and of course food gatherings which are sure to be a staple of your student experience. Not to forget our very own annual trip to a breathtaking and intriguing location in Ireland. So if you are a foodie, you love new cultural experiences and you want to make a lot of friends, be sure to become a part of our society! SEA ya there!

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Email Address: [email protected]

Postal Address: South East Asian Society
Box 90, The Atrium Building, TCD, Dublin 2

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