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CSC Email Domain Usage Protocol 

This protocol provides guidance for the use of mass email to disseminate information to societies within the Dublin University Central Societies Committee (CSC). 

This policy applies to all societies, students, staff, departments and all other third parties who wish to send bulk email to societies recognised by the CSC i.e. to any email under the domain.


Biochemical Society

The Biochemical Society aims to stimulate interest in the fields of Biochemistry and Immunology amongst its members which include postgraduates, undergraduates, postdocs and PI's. The society host weekly talks throughout the academic year by invited high-profile speaker

Computer Science Society (DUCSS)

DUCSS is a society focused on Computer Science but open to all. The objective of DUCSS is to further interest and knowledge in computing, technology and interactive entertainment through the promotion of events and fostering and developing co-operation between persons involved in Computer Science. The society runs a wide variety of different events each week, ranging from competitions, programming and interview workshops to gaming tournaments and talks with high-profile industry speakers. We also organize social events like Pub Quizzes throughout the year.

Engineering Society

Engineering society is one of Trinity’s oldest societies. Our aim is to organise events which promote engineering in new and refreshing ways: such as workshops, quizzes, trips and hosting guest speakers. We also provide a social outlet for our members allowing them to mix and network with other students outside their classes.

General Science Society ( DU SciSoc)

The DU General Science society aims to create an inclusive and accessible platform for people to meet and interact with those that have a common interest in various types of science. We also aim to provide the oppprtunity to participate and engage with modern day scienc

Genetics Society

The Genetics Society is for people interested in new and exciting developments in genetics that have either a scientific or social significance. Given the explosion of genetic knowledge and technology in recent years, GenSoc have a lot to think about - and we have a lot

Geographical Society

GeogSoc provides both a social and educational opportunity for students, from all courses, to come together and share their interest in geography, travel, and the wider world. Our annual International Fieldtrip to a European city is among our biggest events, in previous years visiting Sofia, Warsaw, Bucharest. We also host the famous Earth Ball, Pub Quiz, National Fieldtrip, and plenty of other smaller events! You can join GeogSoc during Freshers' Week, popping along to any of our events during the year, or emailing us, you're sure to have an incredible experience! Most of our members join during Freshers' Week, however membership can be easily acquired by emailing us at any point throughout the year or by popping along to any of our events. click for more info

Microbiological Society

The Microbiological Society aims to keep people up to date on the current research in the field and expose its members to a variety of different research areas. Members are undergraduates, postgraduates, postdocs, and PIs in microbiology and related fields which provides a great chance to meet your peers and other people with similar interests. Throughout the year we hold seminar series and other events to help expand our knowledge on different microbial areas and provide a great chance to network. Topics and guest speakers are chosen for their ability to provide topical, factual, and up-to-date information on state-of-the-art developments as well as to illustrate important principles of the natural sciences.

Neuroscience Society

The Neuroscience Society aims to bring together students and staff who are interested in how the brain works. We organise a variety of seminars throughout the year presented by both local and internationally renowned speakers. These seminars span a wide range of neurosc

Physics Society

DU Physoc aims to provide a space for people interested in physics.

Werner Chemical Society

The DU Werner Chemical Society has been instrumental in encouraging and maintaining interest in the Chemical Sciences within College. Whether your interest is study-oriented or professional, or just a natural curiosity, we cater for you. The society works closely with t

Zoological Society

Zoological Society (ZooSoc) is the go-to society for all animal lovers.