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Central Societies Committee Mass Email Policy

This policy provides rules and guidance for the use of mass email to disseminate information to societies within the Dublin University Central Societies Committee (CSC). 

This policy applies to all societies, students, staff, departments and all other third parties who wish to send bulk email to societies recognised by the CSC i.e. to any email under the domain.

Email: [email protected] 

Digital Arts Society (DUDJ)

Digital Arts Society (DUDJ for short) is the college's official DJ society, providing the music for events all over Trinity. We host regular DJ and production tutorials for our members, beginner to expert, and provide opportunities for DJs to play sets with us across th

Film Society

The DU Film Society exists to produce, edit and exhibit works of cinema and to facilitate education

Literary Society

The Trinity Literary Society, or LitSoc, is Trinity's foremost society for the creation and celebration of all forms of literature, and a haven for aspiring writers and fervent readers. LitSoc provides regular speakeasies, reading and writing groups, guest speakers and more, as well as daily coffee hours.

Photography (DUPA)

Established in 1948, the Dublin University Photography Association (DUPA) offers members the opportunity to improve their photography skills by providing classes, equipment, and forums for exhibiting their work.

Trinity FM

Trinity FM is Trinity College Dublin's student-run radio station/radio society. We broadcast Monday - Friday, 3pm - midnight during the college year and from 11am during Broadcast Weeks. Tune in at 97.3FM (during Broadcast Weeks) or stream live at

Trinity TV

Trinity TV creates videos watched by hundreds of students, perfect for those experienced or even slightly interested in writing, acting, filming, presenting and editing. We host camera and editing workshops, guest speakers, social events, filming sessions and weekly discussions. You can learn many interesting skills at Trinity TV that will set you apart. Check out our videos on our Facebook and Youtube page.