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CSC Email Domain Usage Protocol 

This protocol provides guidance for the use of mass email to disseminate information to societies within the Dublin University Central Societies Committee (CSC). 

This policy applies to all societies, students, staff, departments and all other third parties who wish to send bulk email to societies recognised by the CSC i.e. to any email under the domain.


Afro-Caribbean Society

Our society aims to promote diversity on campus and to facilitate a forum for education about African and Caribbean cultures, through the hosting of visiting speakers, debates and social events. During year, we organize drumming classes, dancing classes and musical events.

Agriculture Society

DU Agricultural Society, 'tis a society like no udder!

Alternative Music Society

The Alternative Music Society (DUAMS) is Trinity's society for modern, alternative, and rock music. DUAMS holds events almost every week including movie screenings, jam sessions, karaoke, club nights, coffee hours, and gigs, however our most popular events are our Open Mic Nights.


DU Amnesty International is the Trinity College Dublin branch of Amnesty International


Association of Medical Students Ireland

Arabesque Society

The Arabesque Society is a vibrant and fun society that aims to provide tolerant and accepting environment that respects and incorporates, as a whole, the wishes of the individuals within it for the purposes of promoting/fostering Arab multinational unity, understanding the history and culture of the individual Arab nations between students at TCD.

We provide a medium for students to integrate into the Irish society and we also aim to change the image of the Arab 
world held by individuals.

Archaeological Society

The Archaeological Society's goal is to provide our members with up to date information on archaeology, both in Ireland and further afield.

Astrology Society

Astrology Soc wants to make astrology accessible to everyone, and to cultivate an interest in the stars. We offer a number of events based on the astrological season, collaborations with other societies, and a weekly newsletter with your horoscope! We want people to have fun and learn about astrology, pressure free. Join us and make friends - it's written in the stars

Biochemical Society

The Biochemical Society aims to stimulate interest in the fields of Biochemistry and Immunology amongst its members which include postgraduates, undergraduates, postdocs and PI's. The society host weekly talks throughout the academic year by invited high-profile speaker

Biological Society (BioSoc)

Established in 1874, 'Biosoc' is one of Trinity’s oldest societies and caters for anyone with an interest in healthcare and medicine.

Botanical Society

The Botanical Society was set up to promote botanical awareness among society members and the greater college environ through talks, field trips, and other events.

Business and Economics Society (DUBES)

Founded in 1929, Dublin University Business and Economics Society, or DUBES, was created with a clear goal in mind: To provide our members with access to academic, social, and professional opportunities to help them prepare for the professional world and advance the scope of their knowledge beyond what they learn in class. DUBES unites the students of Trinity together in a social capacity through our annual events that have acted as a rite of passage for BESS students as well as students from other disciplines over the last 90 years.

Caledonian Society

Our Society is dedicated to bringing a taste of Scotland and its exciting culture to Ireland. We focus on Scottish dancing, a Burns Supper and generally celebrating Scotland in style. We love new members and think everyone can appreciate the wonders of Scotland!

Cancer Society

Our aim as a society is to bring a positive and inclusive attitude to the fight against cancer.

Card & Bridge Society

To provide new and existing poker players a relaxed environment where they can play with their friends.

Central Societies Committee

The Central Societies Committee (CSC) is the body responsible for student societies in Trinity College

Chapel Choir

TCD Chapel Choir performs a broad range of Anglican Church music at two services per week in the College Chapel. The society is not a religious one and membership is open to all students. As well as singing biweekly in the Chapel, the choir performs at high profile coll

Chess Society

ChessSoc is for all things chess. Club nights are on Tuesdays at 7-9 in the New Seminar Room, School of Maths, The Hamilton.

Chinese Society

The Chinese society host events that are designed to help Chinese students integrate with other students of other nationalities, and vice versa.

Choral Society

Founded in 1837, the University of Dublin Choral Society (UDCS) is the oldest and largest choir in Trinity College. We are a four part mixed voice choir, consisting of undergraduates, postgraduates and staff. Choral performs large-scale choral works with full orchestral accompaniment both within and outside the walls of Trinity College under the direction of our professional Musical Director, David Leigh. We enthusiastically encourage people of all voices and ages to join the society- no audition required! Rehearsals take place in Regent House on Wednesdays 7pm-9pm.

Christian Union

We are a group of students from across campus coming from all different backgrounds and areas of study. What unites us is our desire to know more about Jesus Christ and make Him known among our fellow students in Trinity. The CU is for all students who have an interest

Classical Society

Our aim as the classical Society of Trinity College Dublin is to encourage interest and study in classics, that is, the ancient worlds of Greek and Roman Civilization!

Clinical Therapies Society

This is a society for Trinity Students interested in the fields of Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Radiation Therapy and Physiotherapy

College Historical Society (The Hist)

The College Historical Society (The Hist) is the world’s oldest student society and has been at the heart of discourse and discussion in the college for two and a half centuries. Click for more information

Comedy Soc

Welcome to the best (and only) Comedy Society in Trinity College Dublin! We have plenty of gigs, events and workshops, including our long-standing stand-up classes, so there's loads to be involved in, whether you want to kick back and watch some of Dublin's finest or gi

Computer Science Society (DUCSS)

DUCSS is a society focused on Computer Science but open to all. The objective of DUCSS is to further interest and knowledge in computing, technology and interactive entertainment through the promotion of events and fostering and developing co-operation between persons involved in Computer Science. The society runs a wide variety of different events each week, ranging from competitions, programming and interview workshops to gaming tournaments and talks with high-profile industry speakers. We also organize social events like Pub Quizzes throughout the year.

Cumann Gaelach

Tá an Cumann Gaelach ar cheann de na cumainn is mó sa choláiste, agus gan dabht ar bith 's í an cumann is fearr sa choláiste. Eagraimid imeachtaí éagsúla trí mheán na Gaeilge, ar nós ceolchoirmeacha, céilithe, díospóireachtaí, turais chuig an Oireachtas agus an nGaeltacht.


Whether you want to keep fit, meet new people, or of course just have the craic, dancing is 109% the way to go. DU Dance offers classes in a variety of styles of dance for all members regardless of ability. Classes have a relaxed atmosphere so whether you are dancing fo

Digital Arts Society (DUDJ)

Digital Arts Society (DUDJ for short) is the college's official DJ society, providing the music for events all over Trinity. We host regular DJ and production tutorials for our members, beginner to expert, and provide opportunities for DJs to play sets with us across th

DU Consulting Group

DU Consulting Group is a community bringing an abundance of consulting-related opportunities to Trinity undergraduate and postgraduate students. Our purpose is to bring extraordinary value to aspiring student consultants form all disciplines within Trinity through value-added events, membership development and real life client projects.

Eastern European Society

The Eastern European Society was established with the main vision to provide a platform for the students who associate with Eastern European culture. Our main mission is to celebrate the diverse heritage of countries in Eastern Europe while also encouraging people to learn from each other's customs and traditions. Eastern Europe is comprised of many ethnicities and nationalities and our society aims to provide appropriate representation for all.


The European Law Students' Association (ELSA) is an international network comprised of local, regional and national boards run by law-students and young lawyers, all working together 'to promote a just world in which there is respect for human dignity and cultural diversity'.


Enactus is the social entrepreneurship society! If you want to learn real life entrepreneurial skills while making a positive social impact, we are waiting for you to sign up. Enactus is a global organisation that allows college teams from around the world to present their social enterprises and compete on both a national and international level. Through Enactus you will have the opportunity to work on projects that tackle social issues such as climate change, homelessness, and mental illness. Every Enactus member has the opportunity to join a project and begin making a real change. We all have what it takes to improve the lives of those around us and we would love for you to join us on our journey of making a difference!

Engineering Society

Engineering society is one of Trinity’s oldest societies. Our aim is to organise events which promote engineering in new and refreshing ways: such as workshops, quizzes, trips and hosting guest speakers. We also provide a social outlet for our members allowing them to mix and network with other students outside their classes.

Entrepreneurial (TES)

TES fosters innovation in Trinity College and aids students on all stages of their entrepreneurial journey through an array of programmes and events. We run an Incubator programme, a Dragon's Den competition, a Startup Fair, the TES Talks series, a Hack Day, and a seri

Environmental Society

The Environmental Society aims to promote awareness of and engagement with environmental issues through workshops, talks, film screenings and more.

Europa Society

Europa is a celebration of all things European. It explores what it means to be European and how our shared identity brings us together. Through language and politics, this society also aims to celebrate and promote European cultural diversity, the richness of language,

Fashion Society

The Trinity Fashion Society runs several fashion related events each year. From the big events - like the Annual Charity Fashion Show and the hotly anticipated London Fashion Week Trip - to the smaller events like workshops on up cycling and fashion journalism to swap s

Fianna Fail (Wolfe Tone Cumann)

Cumann Wolfe Tone is the Trinity branch of Fianna Fáil, The Republican Party. Established in 1967, we hold a multitude of events during the year. These range from workshops and discussion panels with political guest speakers, to more relaxed society socials. Our events provide a vibrant atmosphere for members to debate the challenges facing Ireland and gives them the opportunity to meet other young Fianna Fáil members from across the 32 counties.

Film Society

The DU Film Society exists to produce, edit and exhibit works of cinema and to facilitate education.

Fine Gael

Trinity Young Fine Gael strives to make politics relevant to young people, offering a forum to discuss policy while meeting great people. While supporting Fine Gael in government, Young Fine Gael is an autonomous organisation, pushing policies that are important to young people.

Food and Drink

The Food and Drink Society is without a doubt the tastiest, sauciest society in Trinity. We pride ourselves on indulgence and gluttony because nothing unites us more than free food. Events include sushi making, whiskey tasting, hummus party and the annual Dublin food tour. It goes without saying that we have enough wine and cheese to satisfy all your Trinity notions. If you literally can’t survive without food and drink, join our society on Freshers’ Week or throughout the year!

Free Legal Advice Centre (FLAC)

Trinity FLAC is Trinity College's branch of the Free Legal Advice Centres Ltd. We seek to promote the principles of social justice and human rights through our activities. We run free legal advice clinics over the phone every week. If you would like to speak to a qualified solicitor in an atmosphere of confidentiality, email [email protected] to book an appointment.

French Society

TCD French Soc is dedicated to spreading appreciation of the French language and culture throughout Trinity. We host coffee mornings, language-focused soir�es, international exchange trips and much more, so no matter what you're into, we'll have something to bring you a


Do you like games without a screen? DU Gamers is your community for tabletop gaming of all kinds, including: - Roleplaying games: like Dungeons & Dragons - Card games: like Magic the Gathering - Wargames, like Warhammer - And classic Board Games!

Gender Equality Society (DUGES)

The DU Gender Equality Society aims to raise awareness of and continue the on-campus conversation on feminism and gender related issues. We aspire to foster and encourage social change, and to achieve this through a wide range of social and educatio

General Science Society ( DU SciSoc)

The DU General Science society aims to create an inclusive and accessible platform for people to meet and interact with those that have a common interest in various types of science. We also aim to provide the oppprtunity to participate and engage with modern day scienc

Genetics Society

The Genetics Society is for people interested in new and exciting developments in genetics that have either a scientific or social significance. Given the explosion of genetic knowledge and technology in recent years, GenSoc have a lot to think about - and we have a lot

Geographical Society

GeogSoc provides both a social and educational opportunity for students, from all courses, to come together and share their interest in geography, travel, and the wider world. Our annual International Fieldtrip to a European city is among our biggest events, in previous years visiting Sofia, Warsaw, Bucharest. We also host the famous Earth Ball, Pub Quiz, National Fieldtrip, and plenty of other smaller events! You can join GeogSoc during Freshers' Week, popping along to any of our events during the year, or emailing us, you're sure to have an incredible experience! Most of our members join during Freshers' Week, however membership can be easily acquired by emailing us at any point throughout the year or by popping along to any of our events. click for more info

Germanic Society

As the Germanic society we promote and encourage German language and culture. Many of our events, such as a Coffee afternoon or watching a German movie, involve practicing your German skills. Of course we are also very welcoming to those who do not speak German or only

Global Development Society

Trinity Global Development Society was established in 2013 with the aim of providing students with a platform to discuss and engage with the global challenges that we face. The society aims to empower members of the college community with the knowledge and resources to

Greens (Young Greens)

The Trinity Young Greens are a group of dedicated and passionate activists who campaign for social, economic and environmental justice in Trinity, and in a nationwide and global context. Expect interesting talks, fun trips away, unique social events as well as involvement in important campaigns. We are part of the Young Greens, the youth branch of the Green Party.


Trinity Hiking is a large society which organises weekly hikes in the mountains of Wicklow and the G

Hispanic Society

Interested in Hispanic cultures? Great! Come along to our movie screenings, food events or dance classes. Want to improve your Spanish? Or to meet more Hispanic students? Then why not come to our coffee mornings to have a chat?


DU History is one of trinity's oldest and most active societies. We seek to engender an appreciation for and an enjoyment of history. You do not need to study history to get involved in our society, we're open to absolutely anyone with an interest in anything historical

Horse Racing Society

The horse racing society aims to connect students to the racing world. We organise two annual trips

Indian Society

The Trinity Indian Society provides a gateway into the rich culture, traditions and heritage of the Indian subcontinent. We aim to encourage a cultural, social and educational link between India and Ireland. We organise various events throughout the year including Holi Celebration (The Festival of Colours), Diwali Ball (The Festival of Lights), Interactive Talks, Bollywood Nights and much more!

International Students' Society (DUISS)

The International Students’ Society (DUISS) is a society aimed primarily at international students; however, we also encourage Irish students to join our fun and adventurous group! We bring society members together through a variety of different activities. For example, weekend trips around Ireland from Galway to the South of Cork; many nights out in great venues in the City Center; celebrating holidays around the world; as well as day trips to places like Glendalough and Powerscourt. These wonderful events have made DUISS one of the most active student societies at Trinity with arguably the most outgoing members to date. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on email or through our Instagram

Internet Society (Netsoc)

To promote the internet, internet literacy and computing, including system administration for networking.

Italian Society

Do you love anything Italian from Pavarotti to Pizza? Then we're the society for you! We promote all things Italian: food, cinema, music and current political and social issues. Embrace your inner linguist and come along to our language exchanges. Indulge at our pizza a

Japanese Society

Japanese Society celebrates and enjoys all things of the Japanese culture.

Jazz Society

The society for all lovers of jazz, blues, funk and soul. With regular jams, gigs and showcases, and the only fully equipped practice room in Trinity, TCD Jazz Soc is a fantastic platform for musicians of all levels to meet and play.

Jewish Society

The Jewish Society is a voice for the colleges Jewish community and aims to contribute to the greater understanding of the Jewish life, culture and tradition.

Joly Geological Society

Welcome to Joly Soc, Trinity College Dublin’s Geological Society. Our aim is to make Geology fun and accessible for everyone, and to engage with the workings of our dynamic Earth.

Juggling and Circus Skills Society

We aim to give everybody a chance to join the Circus!

Karting Society

Knitting Society

We are a society dedicated to knitting, crochet, and other needleworks. We hold weekly tutorials, as well as our famous Stitch 'n Bitches, where you're welcome to come and enjoy some tea, biscuits, and friendly conversation while you knit your heart out! Everyone is wel

Korean Society

Priding ourselves in our diverse member base and strong inclusion ethos, the Korean Society is the one-stop shop for all things Korean!


Trinity Labour is an active society, holding meetings at least once a week. Many political events and debates are also organised in College to discuss issues of current importance.

Laurentian Society

The DU Laurentian Society contributes to the cultural and social enrichment of our diverse college community. We provide a forum for discussing historical and contemporary issues from a Catholic perspective. This society welcomes all students who wish to engage intellectually with the Catholic faith

Law Society

The Law Society is one of the biggest, most active and most vibrant societies on the Trinity College campus, involving members from a wide range of faculties. Law Soc brings their members a huge range of events throughout the year, from our distinguished Speaker Series

Literary Society

The Trinity Literary Society, or LitSoc, is Trinity's foremost society for the creation and celebration of all forms of literature, and a haven for aspiring writers and fervent readers. LitSoc provides regular speakeasies, reading and writing groups, guest speakers and more, as well as daily coffee hours.

Management Science Society DUMSS

This bright society plans events for its members such as guest speakers, race nights, karaoke nights, networking nights, "team-building" trips away, sports leagues, trading games and lots, lots more.

Mathematical Society

The Maths Society caters to those in any way mathematical...

Mature Students Society

The Mature Students Society is open to all registered students and members of staff in Trinity College. Since its founding in 1982, the society has grown in both numbers and confidence.

Metaphysical Society

The Metaphysical Society is all about being. In short, the Metafizz is. It’s been since 1962; the Trinity society of philosophy, no debating that. But what is a Metafizz, really? What does it even do? Certainly not philosophy, not just; nor only critical theory, psychoanalysis, sociology, gender studies, avant-garde aesthetics, digital humanities, mysticism, no, not at all. Metafizz talks rather, by Erwin Schrodinger, A. C. Grayling, J.L. Austin, Alenka Zupančič, Jacqueline Rose, and Raymond Geuss, and what’s more, the Metafizz listens. Weekly you’ll find the society muttering to itself as a book club; talking of the Frankfurt School, Situationists, Deleuze, the Classics, What It Had For Lunch, and So On. Having its own library, which any member can access for business or pleasure, helps the conversation. Films are also screened by the society, because you know what they say about talking pictures. Most of all, the Metafizz is not a cult. Join us!

Microbiological Society

The Microbiological Society aims to keep people up to date on the current research in the field and expose its members to a variety of different research areas. Members are undergraduates, postgraduates, postdocs, and PIs in microbiology and related fields which provides a great chance to meet your peers and other people with similar interests. Throughout the year we hold seminar series and other events to help expand our knowledge on different microbial areas and provide a great chance to network. Topics and guest speakers are chosen for their ability to provide topical, factual, and up-to-date information on state-of-the-art developments as well as to illustrate important principles of the natural sciences.

Modern Languages Society

Modlang aims to promote all aspects of language learning. Our main focus is on our weekly classes, including in Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian, Japanese, and more. However, we also organise film screenings, conversation exchanges and food nights, and all our


Are you interested in volunteering? Do you enjoy being a good person? MOVE is the charity for you! The Medical Overseas Voluntary Elective (MOVE) charity is run by medical students and aims to raise money for under-privileged hospitals in the developing world.


DU Music is Trinity’s largest and most inclusive music society..

Musical Theatre Society (TMTS)

TMTS aim is to stage one large scale musical theatre production each year. TMT hosts talks with industry professionals, Workshops and weekly events. Whether you are a performer, a production team member or just enjoy musicals, TMTS offers you the best opportunity to socialize with like-minded individuals and be part of something unforgettable

Muslim Student's Association

The Muslim Student's Association is a society which caters to both Muslims and Non Muslims. We hope to enrich your college experience by conducting various social and cultural activities throughout the year. We hold informative talks offering to educate interested membe

Neurodiversity Society

In our events, we're exploring, educating and learning about neurodiversity as a community. We explore how different neurotypes affect people's everyday lives. We investigate how neurodiversity impacts our society, community and interpersonal relationships through discussion and sharing of experience, we learn from each other's experience of neurodiversity, and understand new ways of approaching aspects of life with neurodiversity in mind, enriching each other and the wider college community.

Neuroscience Society

The Neuroscience Society aims to bring together students and staff who are interested in how the brain works. We organise a variety of seminars throughout the year presented by both local and internationally renowned speakers. These seminars span a wide range of neurosc

Nursing and Midwifery Society

Info to come

Pagan Society (DU)

People Before Profit

People Before Profit is a 32 county socialist party dedicated to fighting austerity, oppression, imperialism and environmental catastrophe. We organize meetings, reading groups, film screenings and activism in support of a wide range of progressive causes. We’re committed to building a fighting radical left on campus and across Ireland.

Pharmaceutical Students Association

DUPSA is Trinity's pharmaceutical society. It places an emphasis on fun and entertainment for all aspirin' pharmacists in Trinity. Events throughout the year include many wine receptions, a mystery tour, a Pharmacy ball, and also a soccer tournament. DUPSA also have a s

Philosophical Society (The Phil)

The Phil has been at the centre of student life in Trinity for over three centuries. Primarily concerned with oratory and public speaking, it is Trinity's largest and most active society.

Photography (DUPA)

Founded in 1948, DUPA is committed to creating a photography community on campus. Committee members hold classes and invite professional photographers to speak or hold masterclasses. A range of digital as well as film cameras, tripods, and photo books are available to rent. Exhibitions are held multiple times each term, providing members the opportunity to showcase their work

Physics Society

DU Physoc aims to provide a space for people interested in physics.

Pirate Party

The Pirate Party is a technology-oriented political society, driven by the belief that civil liberties and personal freedoms should take precedence over private and corporate interests. We embrace the ideals of free culture and unrestricted access to information. The society strives to preserve personal privacy and oppose censorship and surveillance. We manage the Trinity VPN, which helps students overcome internet censorship. The Pirate Party also organises regular Hackathons, CTFs (Capture the Flag), and seminars on Ethical Hacking, Privacy, and Cyber-Security.


DU Players is the drama society of Trinity College Dublin. Housed in our on campus, completely student run, Players Theatre we put on almost 60 student productions a year as well as running courses in technical theatre and design, running our weekly Wednesday night even

Politics Society

Trinity Politics Society is a politically neutral society. We aim to promote the discussion of polit

Pool Society

The official Pool and Snooker society of Trinity.

Psychological Society

DU PsychSoc is committed to promoting the field of psychology within College. Hosting regular social and educational events for psych students and anyone else with an interest, we're one of the most active, welcoming societies on campus. And of course, our annual European trip and ball are not to be missed! Follow us on Instagram or Twitter for event info.

Q Soc - Trinity LGBT

Q Soc is the LGBT society of Trinity College Dublin. It is a society for people who identify with or are allies to the LGBT+ community. Q Soc welcomes its members to its daily coffee hours in House 6 as well as our evening events such as movies screenings, parties, pub

Quiz Society

To encourage the interest in and promote quizzing and general trivia of within and without Trinity’s community by running weekly practices, holding casual trivia events, competing in regional circuits, hosting tournaments, writing collaborative packets, etc.

Rovers (DU)

DU Rovers is the newest branch of the Irish Rovers network. Whether you've been around since Cubs, or a newcomer to the world of Scouting, Rovers is a chance to try something new! Rovers is all about new opportunities and adventures in the outdoors, as well as catering for all who want to take part.

Russian Society

We are a cultural society aiming to promote and introduce students to Russian and Slavic culture

Science Fiction Society

Founded in 1983, SFSOC has evolved into the college's foremost refuge from the monotony of reality..... and of lectures. Relax in our fantastically comfy society room, watch films, read books, play video games, chill with likeminded people. We encompass not only science

Sign Language Society

Our aims are to learn about deaf culture, to encourage communication between deaf and hearing people, and to facilitate the study of sign language by arranging sign language classes for members.


Trinity College Singers consists of four choirs; Trinity Singers, the mixed choir; Boydell Singers, the female choir; the Trinitones and Trinity Belles, the a capella male and female pop ensembles.

Sinn Fein

Ógra Shinn Féin TCD is the youth wing of Sinn Féin in Trinity College Dublin. We are a political organisation committed to establishing a 32 County democratic socialist republic based on the principles outlined in the Proclamation of 1916 and the Democratic Programme of the First Dáil.

Social Democrats (TCD)

Trinity Social Democrats are the Trinity College Dublin branch of the Social Democrats party in Ireland. The Social Democrats are a young party promoting a Nordic model of social democracy in Ireland. We are passionate about promoting evidence-based policy in all aspects of government, such as climate and healthcare. Within College, we organise guest speakers and facilitate political discussions

Society for International Affairs (SOFIA)

The Society for International Affairs, established in 2012, aims to give students with an interest in international affairs and diplomacy an opportunity to explore these interests.

South East Asian Society

DU South East Asian Society (DUSEAS) is a community not just for South East Asians, but for the whole student body too! A conglomerate of over 10 nationalities, each with a unique culture, the SEA society is sure to offer a plethora of enriching eye opening experiences.

Space Society

From current NASA missions to private space companies to exoplanets, the TSS promotes and fosters the discussion of all things space, while we attempt to reach it with our rockets. Join us weekly for our Cosmos Coffee to relax to the smooth voice of Carl Sagan and chat space, drop in on one of our interactive panel discussions throughout the year or hang out and help us build hobbyist rockets, as we soar to new heights each year!


STAND Trinity (Formerly: SUAS Trinity) is for people interested in social development through education and activism.

Student Managed Fund

The TSMF is the first initiative of its kind within Europe, it manages a real-life long-only equity portfolio and is 100% run by students. We are a non-remunerated organization with two primary mandates.

Student to Student Society

Student 2 Student Society, or better known as S2S Society, is the student wing of S2S here at Trinity! Our committee is largely made up of students who have completed S2S training as a mentor, head mentor or peer supporter. We operate separate from the S2S Office (the fabulous people who create your mentor groups) but we have a close working relationship.


Created for TCD students who believe in ideas worth spreading, our society hosts an annual independently organised TED conference and also some fun TEDx-themed events for our members during the year.

Theological Society (Theo)

The College Theological Society was founded in 1830 and along with the Phil and the Hist forms the esteemed triad of the College’s oldest enduring societies. Its original purpose was centred around formal theological formation catering predominately to the privileged few of one religion and one gender. In more recent times it has evolved into a space where on Monday evenings at 6.30pm students, academics, and experts in their field come together. They discuss and debate topics including spirituality, ethics, the climate crisis, sexuality, faith, social justice, and human rights. Society is frequently faced with these pressing subjects and the Theo plays an important role in fostering the college community to recognise and address these issues.

Traditional Irish Music Society

This society provides a space for members to play and listen to Irish traditional music. It allows musicians to meet and socialise, and helps to promote the traditional arts. A home for trad musicians with an open door to all.

Trinity Arts Festival

TAF aims to promote the arts and arts-based societies within Trinity College and around Dublin. TAF is a week buzzing with workshops, exhibitions, live performances, speakers and much more.

Trinity Arts Workshop

TAW holds weekly art classes for students to learn and practice traditional art at a discounted price. Our classes include ceramics, life drawing, watercolour and acrylic painting and life clay modelling, as well as seasonal workshops like screenprinting and framing. W

Trinity Dental Society

Trinity Economic Forum

Trinity Economic Forum is a society which aims to promote discussion and engagement with economic issues. Our premiere event is an entirely run student economic conference,

Trinity FM

Trinity FM is Trinity College Dublin's student-run radio station/radio society. We broadcast Monday - Friday, 3pm - midnight during the college year and from 11am during Broadcast Weeks. Tune in at 97.3FM (during Broadcast Weeks) or stream live at

Trinity Orchestra

Ireland's only entirely student run orchestra, playing everything from Dvorak to David Bowie. We perform throughout the year both on campus and at some of Ireland's biggest festivals including Electric Picnic, Forbidden Fruit and Metropolis.

Trinity Public Health Society (PHS)

The Trinity Public Health Society (PHS) aims to engage the TCD community in public health discourse in order to foster an interest in public health, provide tools, resources, and a platform for discussions around public health in all its forms.

Trinity TV

Trinity TV creates videos watched by hundreds of students, perfect for those experienced or even slightly interested in writing, acting, filming, presenting and editing. We host camera and editing workshops, guest speakers, social events, filming sessions and weekly discussions. You can learn many interesting skills at Trinity TV that will set you apart. Check out our videos on our Facebook and Youtube page.

Vegan Society

DU Vegan Society is Trinity’s community for vegans, vegetarians and anyone interested in our lifestyle. With events ranging from discussions, debates and guest speakers to nights out, food tastings and cosmetics workshops, we have something for everyone – devoted plant people and curious omnivores alike. Animals may be our first love, but we quite like fellow students too!

Vincent de Paul

The VDP is Trinity's largest charity society, and home to some of college's friendliest folk.

Visual Arts Society

Promoting Visual Arts on campus and beyond through arts’n’crafts workshops, gallery tours, talks from artists of all backgrounds/disciplines, film screenings and more!

Voluntary Tuition Programme (VTP)

The Voluntary Tuition Programme (VTP) is a partnership between St. Andrew’s Resource Centre and Trinity students whose aim is to promote education as an enjoyable learning experience for children and young people in the inner-city area regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds. We match Trinity students on a one-to-one basis with a pupil from a socio-economically disadvantaged school in the local community, and each pair meets for an hour a week to help the children with homework, provide additional tutoring in a subject of your choice, or take part in one of our music, drama, art or Irish language clubs! If you’re interested in giving back to the local community, making new friends at our events and gaining valuable tutoring and leadership experience, be sure to get involved!

Werner Chemical Society

The DU Werner Chemical Society has been instrumental in encouraging and maintaining interest in the Chemical Sciences within College. Whether your interest is study-oriented or professional, or just a natural curiosity, we cater for you. The society works closely with t

Workers' Party TCD

The Workers' Party is an all-Ireland party that promotes Marxism–Leninism and the prospect of a democratic, secular, socialist Republic of Ireland.

Yoga Society

Yoga Society provides affordable asana and pranayama classes taught by qualified yoga teachers. Our teachers offer diverse styles of asana practice such as Hatha, Iyengar, and Vinyasa. As well, we run workshops throughout the year commonly on Acroyoga, inversions, and arm-balancing. Our yoga classes are the perfect addition to your weekly workout routine, whether looking to build strength, flexibility, or simply destress. All levels are welcome. We strongly advise purchasing your own yoga mat for the year, however we can provide free long term rentals for those in need (with a deposit). This year Yoga Dublin has offered to provide discounted prices on mats for our members only, so sign up to avail of this opportunity and more.

Zoological Society

Zoological Society (ZooSoc) is the go-to society for all animal lovers.