AGM – Running an AGM

The secretary is responsible for communication between the society and it’s members and between the society and the CSC. You should ensure that the CSC has an up-to-date list of the committee and society officers for the year, and inform the CSC of any changes.


Before the CSC can consider your grant application, a Secretary’s report for the previous academic year must be submitted and passed as satisfactory. This allows future society committees to access useful information about the activities and operation of their society. It should be emailed to [email protected].



The Secretary is responsible for the society’s constitution. Each society has a constitution which lays down its rules of operation. The constitution should be able to answer all of your questions about holding meetings, duties of committee, elections etc. Your constitution will have a very clear definition of what your society does under ‘aims’ or ‘objectives’, if you do not have a copy of your constitution it is available from the CSC.

Officers must familiarise themselves with their constitution. It is important to note that the activities of a society should primarily be those which fall in line with their constitutional aims and only these activities are grant-aided by the CSC.

Any constitutional changes must first be passed by an EGM or AGM of the society and then ratified by the CSC Executive Constitutional Amendments policy 2017. Please read through your constitution and check that it is up-to-date, a copy of your current constitution is available on your society profile. The CSC secretary advises on any constitutional issues [email protected]

AGM – Running an ONLINE AGM

EGMs – Extraordinary General Meeting

It’s not uncommon for there to be gaps on committees after the summer, but as a general rule all vacant positions must be filled at an EGM of the society. Likewise, any constitutional amendments must be voted in at a meeting of the society. The procedures for running an EGM can be found in your constitution. If you are unclear about what is required or require assistance in any way please contact the Secretary. We ask that all societies holding Extraordinary General Meetings contact the Secretary in advance so a CSC Representative can attend.

Sample Constitution 

Standard Ballot Paper

Email management systems - gmail and myEmma

emailEach Society has a gmail account for general correspondence to and from the society. Contact [email protected] for assistance

Each society has an account on  
This mail management system allows your society to send emails to your members. All accounts are paid for centrally by the CSC  – as this is a necessary service that you must use in order to fulfill your responsibility to your members in relation to their private data and is fully GDPR compliant.

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