Ways to promote your society events

Email to your members –

Post your events to the society events calendar here 

CSC Facebook instagram TwitterTAG US and we’ll share it for you. Make sure your online activity complies with the college Social media and related policies

If your event/activity is of interest to the wider college community and or the public (e.g. MedDay, Jail Break) you may advertise on the TCD

Digital Information Screen which are located in the foyers of the Arts, Hamilton, Panoz, D’Olier Street and Goldsmith Hall Buildings, as well as the two Trinity Buildings in St James’s Hospital.  Requests must be sent at least three days prior to publication date and ten days prior to the event date. A draft PowerPoint slide notice should be created and submitted by the event organiser. The notice should have a minimal amount of text, with the main event information, including:
o Hosting School/Department/Area
o Title of event
o Venue
o Time and date
o Web address linking to further details of the event
o Appropriate imagery or logo
o See sample notices
Send request along with draft event email to: [email protected]e

TCD Communications – For ‘special’ once off events or events of interest to the wider college community and the public, it may be possible to include it in TCD communications website They have a handy page with all of the information you need for this.

College web based noticeboard – carries a range of notices from forthcoming events, lectures and seminars to small ads and accommodation ads. All notices must include a Trinity contact phone number or email address in the notice section of the online submission form. For inclusion in the weekly Online Noticeboard email, notices should be sent no later than 5.00pm on Monday

Other Societies – Trinity FM [email protected]  and Trinity TV [email protected]  – contact them if you have any ideas on how to promote your society or event on a radio show or with filming a clip.

TN and UT – both papers have a section reviewing and promoting soc’s events, contact them directly. or

Posters – Guidelines around posters and college regulations

Society Posters and online posts about events must include the following

• Society name • Date of event • Time of event • Venue • Nature of event (details). 

Poster Content Posters which contain offensive or inappropriate photographs; abusive language or offensive written content; advertisements for or photographs of alcohol are not acceptable.   The CSC does not operate a policy of censorship but it requires that Societies show an awareness of the sensibilities of others. If any Society is in doubt regarding the proposed content of a poster it should ask for guidance from the CSC. Should any society disregard these broad guidelines the CSC may implement its  discretionary powers, outlined in section 6 of the Grants Policy Document.

Who may poster where?  Please do not poster on non-CSC boards and remember that you are entitled to remove non-society posters from our boards. The only way this system can work, is if we police it ourselves. The notice boards in College are divided between the SU and CSC as follows.

Arts Building: board on the left as you go up the ramp – one board for CSC use one for SU use. The boards beyond the Leckyare split 50:50. Front Arch: split 50:50. Áras an Phiarsaigh: SU have 1, CSC two.

Players Theatre: 1/3 SU, 1/3 CSC, 1/3 Players. Pearse St Computer Labs: 1 board each. Hamilton Entrance: SU on the right at the door, CSC uses the 2 on the left. Hamilton first floor lobby: SU uses the first 2 on the right, CSC uses the next 3 boards on the right. Chemistry Building: 1/3 SU, 1/3 CSC & 1/3 Dep notices. Buttery/Catering Complex: split 50/50

General Regulations and Information Section III – Conduct and College Regulations paragraph 9

“Only College societies and clubs may advertise in College. Notices may not exceed 75 x 55 cm (2’6″ x 1’9″) and must be placed on the student notice-boards provided. Chalked notices, stickers and (except in special cases with the permission of the Junior Dean) unattended free standing notices are forbidden. Not more than one copy of a notice may be displayed on the same board or within 15 m (16 yards) of a similar notice. Advertisements for a particular event must be removed not later than 48 hours after the event. All notices must identify their origin. Posters and notices advertising events or activities in College may not be fixed to the walls of buildings, lamp posts, litter bins or benches.”

“Posters for the meetings within College must not state the words “Public Meeting” or synonymous phrasing. Neither should posters advertising a society meeting, taking place in the College, be put up outside of College as this implies that members of the public might attend it’.