Amenities & Services

Currently not applicable under restriction Sep 2020

Most fully recognised societies have the use of a shared room.  These rooms should be functional and comfortable. If you need equipment or furnishings, simply email [email protected] with what you are looking for.

The CSC’s Amenities Officer will deal with each request as a separate issue – in some cases he may buy the item required for you, in others, he may authorise you to buy it and reclaim the money from CSC. The kind of things you might be looking for … Amenities –  cups, spoons, etc. and Furnishings – chairs, tables, filing cabinets, lockers, etc.

Please be as detailed as possible about your requirements, e.g. dimensions, make or model and costs. This will allow a speedy provision of your request. This is a separate grant and doesn’t come out of your society grant.

No society will be allowed to charge other societies for use of society items they purchased using CSC funds. However, we ask that all societies requesting to borrow items from other societies provide at least one week’s notice of their intention to borrow, and are willing to provide a fifty euro damage deposit upon request by the lendors. All borrowers will be responsible for covering the full cost of any lost or damaged items that are borrowed.

Services and equipment available to TCD societies in the CSC


 In the Office
Computers   There are 6 PCs in the CSC for society use  which have Photoshop/Indesign etc to design posters/booklets etc.
E-Mail CSC has allocated each Society with an address Email address are accessed via

Each Society has an account on myEmma – a mail management system, which must be used to manage your mailing lists.


& Printing

There are 2 Black and White photocopiers and 2 printers for society business only. Each society has its own code.
Phones Free calls may be made for society business from the CSC. Dial 9 for an outside line.  If you need to make an international call, ask Lucy or Emma to key in a code
Postage We will post a certain amount of society letters for socs


 To Borrow – your society will be fined should items be damages or lost
Burco/flasks  get from the CSC office. 
Digital Projector 2 digital projectors. 
Wine Glasses Socs may borrow wine glasses. You must wash them when you bring them back!