Covid-19 Advice to Societies

Updated: 15th Feb 2021

COVID-19 restrictions on movement and social activity have been at the highest level over the past few weeks and stretch into teaching term.  Current discussion and projections are such that whilst there may be some focussed restriction easing in the next few weeks, such change will not significantly diminish constraints on society activity.  The CSC is conscious that current projections do envisage, but do not guarantee, further focussed restriction easing in a period corresponding to the end of term.  On the basis of past experience, the CSC is aware that these last weeks of term see a rapid fall in student society activity (saving society AGMs) because of examinations.  This year the fact of first semester examination deferral by some, if not all, students will significantly increase pressure on many students.

The CSC therefore advises that for the time being, all society activities should remain online

The CSC will continue to support the activity of all student societies to the fullest extent possible.  CSC Officers and staff are all available to provide advice, direction and support for all student societies.

We have a responsibility as citizens, students and leaders of societies to do our bit to prevent further outbreaks on our campus and to protect our fellow students.  It is important that all students observe the regulations that are in force and pay close heed to the COVID-19 information circulated by the College during the rest of this year.

Government guidelines and regulations can be accessed here

At the time of posting society membership sign-up is still happening and the total is rapidly approaching 27,000 memberships.  This is a testament to the importance of societies to students in College and is a reflection of the hard work, imagination, and commitment of societies’ committee members.  Advice on encouraging members to run for society committees and on how to run society elections will be available shortly so that all societies can flourish in the coming academic year.

Thank you for all that you have done.


CSC Officers and Staff