Covid-19 Advice for off campus events


 Student Societies running Off-Campus Events 

Off-Campus Society events can be held provided that they comply with Government Covid guidelines and restrictions within the venue/location. This is in line with Government and College regulations Covid.  It is important to note that the CSC does not “approve” events – as this was never the case – society committee members are entirely responsible for society events.

The CSC recommends that the society committee members responsible for organising an off-campus event pro-actively ask all potential attendees if they understand and accept that the event is to be run in compliance with Government Covid guidelines and restrictions within the venue/location.  You do not want or need the issue of managing people who arrive at an off-campus event and who are unwilling to comply with the relevant regulations. Whereas if they agree in advance to comply and they then break that agreement, you can ask them to leave the event. 

Societies should note that any off-campus activity that is run under the name of a College Student Society must, as ever, also comply with College Policies, and very importantly must not bring the College into disrepute, or the individuals that organise it could face a disciplinary issue with the Junior Dean. This has always been the case, it has not simply come about because of Covid; but because of Covid regulations there are now more factors to consider when organising off-campus events and it is best to be clear. As was the case last year, we would suggest that societies assign a committee member as a ‘Covid-19 Officer’. It is impossible for detailed restrictions to be drafted for all possible activities, so having an individual keeping track of restrictions currently in place and sensibly applying the knowledge we’ve all developed over the last year could be very helpful. We would ask that when planning events/activities that you consider the health, safety and comfort of your members as a priority as well as the aims and objectives of your society.

Thank you for all that you have done.


CSC Officers and Staff