TCD policies/docs

TCD Food and Drink Regularions

The TCD Calendar will tell you info such as when your society was recognised.

Dignity and Respect Policy – This policy outlines the College’s commitment to an environment where every member is treated with dignity and respect.

The College Alcohol Policy  – The broad aim of this policy is to create and maintain a College environment which is conducive to the health and well-being of students and staff.

Recycling – It is official College policy to dispose of waste in a responsible and legal manner and to encourage the reduction of waste and promote recycling throughout College. There is a comprehensive webpage at which gives details of current waste management procedures and recycling facilities in College and other useful information on how to make College a greener place to be. For further information on recycling, you can get in touch with the CSC Amenities Officer.

Social Media Policy  – This policy applies to all Trinity staff and students, in their capacity as members of the Trinity community, using social media. Please keep this in mind in all of your online activity.

Data Protection Policy  – Societies gather private information from members and this data must be managed responsibly. 


A short summary of all policies of particular relevance to staff and students is available here.