Indoor room bookings 2022

Please avoid disappointment by starting the booking process well in advance as the few spaces that are possible to use are in high demand. 

Updated – 31st Jan 2022 ‘Events Approval for both outdoor and indoor non-academic events has returned to pre-COVID-19 procedures’

Society spaces, which are bookable through the CSC for routine society use 

College space (such as a lecture hall/regent house/room 50) are booked by emailing the College Central Bookings [email protected] and as of now they only require approval of the Junior Dean (NO MORE EMPs).

The procedures can be found on the Central Events website, the Junior Dean’s events/parties web page and events permission application checklist. Spaces in college not managed by the CSC MUST be applied for AT LEAST 10 days in advance through TCD Central Events [email protected] 

  • Lecture spaces in Arts Building, Hamilton etc (usually after 6pm only)
  • Goldsmith Hall, Regent House, Exam Hall etc (usually after 6pm only)
  • The Atrium Room 50 – First floor of the Atrium (Cap 40) 
  • The Main Atrium Space (Cap 100)


The CSC has purchased equipment for societies to make a  podcast – to use the equipment please email [email protected]