Set up a Society

The Setting up of a New Society

The Executive of the Central Societies Committee has, after careful deliberation, adopted a new policy regarding the setting up of new societies, which should be read carefully. 

To set up a new society in College, which will be recognised by the Central Societies Committee (CSC) on behalf of the College Board, there are certain steps that need to be followed.

  1. Examine the list of existing societies to see if there is one that is already recognised which could accommodate your interest.  A new society whose aims overlap with an already existing one, is highly unlikely to be recognised.
  2. Gather together a group of similarly minded students/staff to help out if you have not already done so.
  3. Before undertaking any further steps, you must contact the Secretary of the CSC at [email protected] to discuss your idea further. The Secretary will advise you about whether or not they think the idea should be developed.
  4. If it is recommended by the Secretary, download a copy of the Sample Constitution (2013)and use this to draw up your constitution. It contains certain sections which deal specifically with a society’s relationship to the CSC – duties of the society officers re submission of annual accounts, secretary’s reports, etc., which must be included in your society constitution. They key things we need to know are what does your society propose to do and how will it run.
  5. You then must collect signatures and I.D. numbers of 200 students and staff members who would like to see the society being recognised in College.  You can set up a stand so long as you advertise as the “Proposed D.U. ………. Society”.  A list of names will not be sufficient, they must be signatures and I.D. numbers must be included.
  6. Submit your constitution and list of signatures to the Secretary of the CSC before the end of Week 12 of Michaelmas term.  The CSC Executive will review such applications and in Weeks 1-4 of Hilary term a decision will be made regarding whether or not to grant provisional recognition. Two or three proposed committee members may be invited to explain to the Executive the aims of your society and how you intend to satisfy those aims.  You may be asked questions by the Executive.

Criteria under which the society will be examined are :

  • It must be made clear from the outset what your society is, what it will do, and how it will operate.
  • Must have 200 or more signatures and ID numbers in support of the application.
  • A constitution and statement of aims must be produced and be deemed satisfactory.  It must be democratic and have proper financial controls.
  • The principal aims of the society must not already be covered in the aims of any recognised society or capitated body or group thereof or College Unit, both Academic and Administrative, operating with the University of Dublin and Trinity College. Any proposed society must be considered completely unique to gain provisional recognition.
  • It must satisfy the Executive that the society is likely to make a long term contribution to student life in College and to continue on an on-going basis.  (The Executive does not regard as likely to make a long-term contribution to student life in College, groups who sole or primary aim is, in its opinion, a clearly achievable short-term goal.)

You will be informed of the result of your application before Week 7 of Hilary Term.  If you are not granted provisional recognition, the Executive must inform the group in question of the reasons for refusal.  You may be advised to alter your constitution and/or aims in some way, and re-apply.  

If you are granted provisional recognition, you will immediately have access to the facilities in the CSC office to carry out your society business: You will qualify for a grant from the CSC under several headings (see the CSC Grants Policy Document – the only areas which will not be funded for provisionally recognised societies, are society travel and rooms expenses.)  Provisional recognition shall expire after a period of eighteen months.

Having submitted satisfactory accounts of the income and expenditure incurred for at least a financial year, a secretary’s report for the same period, an up-to-date constitution and evidence showing that the society has 50 or more fully paid-up members, you will be proposed for full recognition at a CSC AGM.  You then become a full member of the CSC with voting rights, and eligibility for full grants.

Please note that the CSC ‘Executive will not consider any applications for the provisional recognition of societies of a sporting nature.   This motion covers potential applications for bodies such as sports clubs, supporters clubs and sporting interest groups‘, sports clubs are covered by DUCAC