Handover training handout and links

Society Officer Handover training took place 10th April 2019 to assist newly elected society committees.

The handout document and check sheet distributed at the event is downloadable here handover training 2019

Information on each society officer role can be found  trinitysocieties.ie/running-a-society

How to book a room for a society event trinitysocieties.ie/running-a-society/room-bookings-2

Check your @CSC.TCD.IE email on webmail.csc.tcd.ie

Log into your membership mail management system myEmma.com 

Find out more about free skills development training on Lynda Training – slides Lynda Presentation for Societies

If you have any queries please contact a member of staff or the relevant officer – if you’re not sure where to direct your query email [email protected]

Useful information provided by the TCD Equality Office for your society. 

http://www.tcd.ie/disability/physical-access/Building-check/ for checking if a venue is physically accessible

http://www.tcd.ie/equality/policy/other-policies/#ISL for guidance on booking an ISL interpreter if a deaf student is attending your event

http://www.tcd.ie/equality/projects/equality-fund/ for information on the Equality Fund

http://www.tcd.ie/equality/projects/equality-champions-awards/ for information on the Equality Champions Awards