Bank of Ireland Pitching event

The inaugural Bank of Ireland TCD Society pitching event took place at 2pm on 12th November.

This partnership sees BOI, the official bank of TCD, commit to supporting TCD societies for 2018/19.

Applications opened on 16th Oct and 34 societies applied for sponsorship. From the 34 applications 11 societies were selected and invited to pitch their ideas to a panel of four to compete for a slice of the funding. 

The judges were so impressed that they gave funding to each society who pitched.

Congratulations to 
Trinity Arts Festival 2019
BioSoc MedTech competition
Chinese Society Forum
Dance Society equipment
Fashion Society Fashion Show
Film Society DU Film Festival
Indian Soc – Holi Law Soc – Diverse Careers fair
Players (summer festival)
TedX Trinity
Trinity Musical Theatre production 

Smaller sums were also given to;

Arabesque cultural event 
SOPHIA Ambassadors Ball 
Zoo Soc Careers Fair 

Bank of Ireland Society Sponsorship

We are delighted to be in a position to offer societies the opportunity to apply to Bank of Ireland for sponsorship. Whether it’s for a society publication, an event (single or multi day), or simply for your society’s overall activities for the year, we look forward to seeing what plans you have.

This is the first year that this deal is in place, and we hope that it will really benefit your society, its activity and its members. Whether it’s for Michaelmas or Hilary Term activities, no sum is too small, and we are encouraging you to be ambitious! This is a great opportunity for your committee to think big and to push the boat out. 

The link to the application is below, along with the key dates and deadlines. Please read the terms and conditions and be clear on the type of events that will not be considered. If you have any questions, please email 

– 16th October: Applications open and must be completed using your address
– 29th October: Applications close at noon 
– Selected applications will receive your allotted time to present a pitch 
– 12th November: Societies will present a short pitch to a panel in the BOI Workbench
–  Successful applicants will be informed of the outcome at the pitching event or by the following day