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The Metaphysical Society, or "the Metafizz" for short, is Trinity's philosophical society, offering a space in which students can engage with philosophy—and junctions of philosophy/critical theory and sociology, art, psychoanalysis, gender theory, digital humanities, etc—typically marginalised within Trinity's academic framework (from Continental philosophy to media theory to elsewhere). We meet once or twice a week to listen to papers/talks given by speakers who have included Erwin Schrodinger, A.C. Grayling, J.L. Austin, Alenka Zupančič, Jacqueline Rose, and Raymond Geuss. Aside from talks, we have a book club—which most recently read the Frankfurt School, the Situationist International, and modern translations of classics—for members of all disciplinary backgrounds and we show films twice monthly (and have a sort of general discussion group in the works). All members also have access to our lending library of philosophy books, available both for research and for personal use. Don't let our name scare you! Many of our most active members, including the committee and officers, are not students of philosophy—our members, regardless of their respective courses, come along because sometimes it's good to hang out. So drop by to one of our talks, which are usually on Tuesdays, or catch us afterwards at the Gingerman pub on Fenian Street for a good, long chat

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