Metaphysical Society

The Metaphysical Society is all about being. In short, the Metafizz is. It’s been since 1962; the Trinity society of philosophy, no debating that. But what is a Metafizz, really? What does it even do? Certainly not philosophy, not just; nor only critical theory, psychoanalysis, sociology, gender studies, avant-garde aesthetics, digital humanities, mysticism, no, not at all. Metafizz talks rather, by Erwin Schrodinger, A. C. Grayling, J.L. Austin, Alenka Zupančič, Jacqueline Rose, and Raymond Geuss, and what’s more, the Metafizz listens. Weekly you’ll find the society muttering to itself as a book club; talking of the Frankfurt School, Situationists, Deleuze, the Classics, What It Had For Lunch, and So On. Having its own library, which any member can access for business or pleasure, helps the conversation. Films are also screened by the society, because you know what they say about talking pictures. Most of all, the Metafizz is not a cult. Join us!

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Box 70, The Atrium Building, TCD, Dublin 2

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