Trinity Labour is an active society, holding meetings at least once a week.  Many political events and debates are also organised in College to discuss issues of current importance


Trinity Labour was founded in 1969, and is the oldest Labour youth branch in the country. Past members have included Mark Little, Senator Ivana Bacik, Neil Warner and Roger Cole. This year we hope to establish a presence in college and Dublin more broadly that promotes progressive values, holds constructive and effective campaigns and strives for change in Irish politics and society.

This year we shall be holding a series of talks on the direction of politics and society in Ireland and internationally, as well as on immediate issues. Our theme for the year is ‘Demanding Equality’ and we shall be focusing on such issues as low pay and precarious work as well as campaigning for marriage equality in the upcoming referendum. However, it is a democratic branch and is what YOU make of it. So if there is an issue you care a lot about and want to change, related to Trinity, Ireland, or further afield, get in touch and make it happen!

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