Theological Society (Theo)

Theo was established in 1830. Its original purpose was to provide a forum for the discussion of Christian Theology for students of the Trinity College School of Divinity. Since then, it has expanded to discuss various religious topics and appeals to the general student body, not only religion students. The Theo still has strong ties to what is now the School of Religions and Theology and it is recommended for all of Trinity's religion students to be active members of the society.

The Theo meets on Monday evenings during the year for a variety of events. While it used to host Paper Readings exclusively, it now holds friendly discussions of topical issues with guests ranging from prestigious academics to celebrated authors to successful politicians. The Theo attends to a wide range of subjects, such as Human Rights, Current Affairs and Social and Environmental Responsibility, focusing on the role religion has played in helping or hindering our development into today's society.

Theo resides in the Bram Stoker Room in the GMB (Graduate Memorial Building), which provides a friendly atmosphere for members to meet, study or relax.

In addition, the Theo has its own library in the Bram Stoker Room, which allows theology students a chance to read and study theological material. Some of the texts date from the 19th Century, and the library is continually restocked every year to include texts that are more accessible to the general reader and more useful for those studying a religion course at Trinity.

Theo is closely linked to the School of Religions & Theology, ensuring that the library serves the needs of the religion students. This includes stocking primary texts and extra material that is targeted towards essay questions. More experienced students also meet regularly with First Year students in order to help, share knowledge and pass on their experiences. This helps to nurture a sense of community in the School and the Society alike.


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