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CSC Email Domain Usage Protocol 

This protocol provides guidance for the use of mass email to disseminate information to societies within the Dublin University Central Societies Committee (CSC). 

This policy applies to all societies, students, staff, departments and all other third parties who wish to send bulk email to societies recognised by the CSC i.e. to any email under the domain.


International Students' Society (DUISS)

The International Students’ Society (DUISS) is a society aimed primarily at international students; however, we also encourage Irish students to join our fun and adventurous group! We bring society members together through a variety of different activities. For example, weekend trips around Ireland from Galway to the South of Cork; many nights out in great venues in the City Center; celebrating holidays around the world; as well as day trips to places like Glendalough and Powerscourt. These wonderful events have made DUISS one of the most active student societies at Trinity with arguably the most outgoing members to date. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on email or through our Instagram

Mature Students Society

The Mature Students Society is open to all registered students and members of staff in Trinity College. Since its founding in 1982, the society has grown in both numbers and confidence.

Q Soc - Trinity LGBT

Q Soc is the LGBT society of Trinity College Dublin. It is a society for people who identify with or are allies to the LGBT+ community. Q Soc welcomes its members to its daily coffee hours in House 6 as well as our evening events such as movies screenings, parties, pub