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Biochemical Society

The Biochemical Society aims to stimulate interest in the fields of Biochemistry and Immunology amongst its members which include postgraduates, undergraduates, postdocs and PI's. The society host weekly talks throughout the academic year by invited high-profile speaker

Computer Science (DUCSS)

DUCSS is Trinity?s society for computer science, interactive entertainment and competitive gaming through social events, lectures, and competitions. Though linked to Computer Science courses, DUCSS aims to promote Computer Science to the wider college through talks fr

Engineering Society

Welcome to the 151st session of Dublin University Engineering Society.

General Science Society

The DU General Science society aims to create an inclusive and accessible platform for people to meet and interact with those that have a common interest in various types of science. We also aim to provide the oppprtunity to participate and engage with modern day scienc

Genetics Society

The Genetics Society is for people interested in new and exciting developments in genetics that have either a scientific or social significance. Given the explosion of genetic knowledge and technology in recent years, GenSoc have a lot to think about - and we have a lot

Geographical Society

GeogSoc is one of Trinity's oldest academic societies and brings together both students and staff, who have a shared passion for all things geographical. Through field trips and other events we aim to improve students understanding of the ever changing world around them

Microbiological Society

Founded in 1976 to review conceptual and technological advances in diverse areas of microbiology, mycology, virology and biotechnology.

Neuroscience Society

The Neuroscience Society aims to bring together students and staff who are interested in how the brain works. We organise a variety of seminars throughout the year presented by both local and internationally renowned speakers. These seminars span a wide range of neurosc

Werner Chemical Society

The DU Werner Chemical Society has been instrumental in encouraging and maintaining interest in the Chemical Sciences within College. Whether your interest is study-oriented or professional, or just a natural curiosity, we cater for you. The society works closely with t