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Europa Society

Europa is a celebration of all things European. It explores what it means to be European and how our shared identity brings us together. Through language and politics, this society also aims to celebrate and promote European cultural diversity, the richness of language,

Fianna Fail (Wolfe Tone Cumann)

Cumann Wolfe Tone is the Trinity branch of Fianna Fail ? The Republican Party. Our regular meetings provide a vibrant atmosphere for students to debate the challenges facing Ireland and, more importantly, to help form practical solutions through effective campaigning.

Fine Gael

Trinity Young Fine Gael strives to make politics relevant to young people, offering a forum to discuss policy while meeting great people. While supporting the leading government party, YFG is an autonomous organization pushing policies that are important to young people.


Trinity Labour is an active society, holding meetings at least once a week. Many political events and debates are also organised in College to discuss issues of current importance.

People Before Profit

People Before Profit is a 32 county socialist party dedicated to fighting austerity, oppression, imperialism and environmental catastrophe. We organize meetings, reading groups, film screenings and activism in support of a wide range of progressive causes. We’re committed to building a fighting radical left on campus and across Ireland.

Pirate Party

The DU Pirate Party is a society political in nature, driven by the belief that civil liberties and personal freedoms should take precedence over private and corporate interests.

Politics Society

Trinity Politics Society is a politically neutral society. We aim to promote the discussion of polit

Sinn Fein

TÓgra Shinn Féin TCD is the Trinity branch of the official Sinn Féin party. We are a political party committed to establishing a 32 County democratic socialist republic based on the principles outlined in the Proclamation of 1916 and the Democratic Programme of the First Dáil.