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CSC Email Domain Usage Protocol 

This protocol provides guidance for the use of mass email to disseminate information to societies within the Dublin University Central Societies Committee (CSC). 

This policy applies to all societies, students, staff, departments and all other third parties who wish to send bulk email to societies recognised by the CSC i.e. to any email under the domain.


Afro-Caribbean Society

Our society aims to promote diversity on campus and to facilitate a forum for education about African and Caribbean cultures, through the hosting of visiting speakers, debates and social events. During year, we organize drumming classes, dancing classes and musical events.

Arabesque Society

The Arabesque Society is a vibrant and fun society that aims to provide tolerant and accepting environment that respects and incorporates, as a whole, the wishes of the individuals within it for the purposes of promoting/fostering Arab multinational unity, understanding the history and culture of the individual Arab nations between students at TCD.

We provide a medium for students to integrate into the Irish society and we also aim to change the image of the Arab 
world held by individuals.

Caledonian Society

Our Society is dedicated to bringing a taste of Scotland and its exciting culture to Ireland. We focus on Scottish dancing, a Burns Supper and generally celebrating Scotland in style. We love new members and think everyone can appreciate the wonders of Scotland!

Chinese Society

The Chinese society host events that are designed to help Chinese students integrate with other students of other nationalities, and vice versa.

Christian Union

We are a group of students from across campus coming from all different backgrounds and areas of study. What unites us is our desire to know more about Jesus Christ and make Him known among our fellow students in Trinity. The CU is for all students who have an interest

Cumann Gaelach

Tá an Cumann Gaelach ar cheann de na cumainn is mó sa choláiste, agus gan dabht ar bith 's í an cumann is fearr sa choláiste. Eagraimid imeachtaí éagsúla trí mheán na Gaeilge, ar nós ceolchoirmeacha, céilithe, díospóireachtaí, turais chuig an Oireachtas agus an nGaeltacht.

Eastern European Society

The Eastern European Society was established with the main vision to provide a platform for the students who associate with Eastern European culture. Our main mission is to celebrate the diverse heritage of countries in Eastern Europe while also encouraging people to learn from each other's customs and traditions. Eastern Europe is comprised of many ethnicities and nationalities and our society aims to provide appropriate representation for all.

French Society

TCD French Soc is dedicated to spreading appreciation of the French language and culture throughout Trinity. We host coffee mornings, language-focused soir�es, international exchange trips and much more, so no matter what you're into, we'll have something to bring you a

Germanic Society

As the Germanic society we promote and encourage German language and culture. Many of our events, such as a Coffee afternoon or watching a German movie, involve practicing your German skills. Of course we are also very welcoming to those who do not speak German or only

Indian Society

The Trinity Indian Society provides a gateway into the rich culture, traditions and heritage of the Indian subcontinent. We aim to encourage a cultural, social and educational link between India and Ireland. We organise various events throughout the year including Holi Celebration (The Festival of Colours), Diwali Ball (The Festival of Lights), Interactive Talks, Bollywood Nights and much more!

Italian Society

Do you love anything Italian from Pavarotti to Pizza? Then we're the society for you! We promote all things Italian: food, cinema, music and current political and social issues. Embrace your inner linguist and come along to our language exchanges. Indulge at our pizza a

Japanese Society

Japanese Society celebrates and enjoys all things of the Japanese culture.

Jewish Society

The Jewish Society is a voice for the colleges Jewish community and aims to contribute to the greater understanding of the Jewish life, culture and tradition.

Korean Society

Priding ourselves in our diverse member base and strong inclusion ethos, the Korean Society is the one-stop shop for all things Korean!

Laurentian Society

The DU Laurentian Society contributes to the cultural and social enrichment of our diverse college community. We provide a forum for discussing historical and contemporary issues from a Catholic perspective. This society welcomes all students who wish to engage intellectually with the Catholic faith

Muslim Student's Association

The Muslim Student's Association is a society which caters to both Muslims and Non Muslims. We hope to enrich your college experience by conducting various social and cultural activities throughout the year. We hold informative talks offering to educate interested membe

Russian Society

We are a cultural society aiming to promote and introduce students to Russian and Slavic culture

South East Asian Society

DU South East Asian Society (DUSEAS) is a community not just for South East Asians, but for the whole student body too! A conglomerate of over 10 nationalities, each with a unique culture, the SEA society is sure to offer a plethora of enriching eye opening experiences.