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CSC Email Domain Usage Protocol 

This protocol provides guidance for the use of mass email to disseminate information to societies within the Dublin University Central Societies Committee (CSC). 

This policy applies to all societies, students, staff, departments and all other third parties who wish to send bulk email to societies recognised by the CSC i.e. to any email under the domain.


Archaeological Society

The Archaeological Society's goal is to provide our members with up to date information on archaeology, both in Ireland and further afield.

Biochemical Society

The Biochemical Society aims to stimulate interest in the fields of Biochemistry and Immunology amongst its members which include postgraduates, undergraduates, postdocs and PI's. The society host weekly talks throughout the academic year by invited high-profile speaker

Biological Society (BioSoc)

Established in 1874, 'Biosoc' is one of Trinity’s oldest societies and caters for anyone with an interest in healthcare and medicine.

Botanical Society

The Botanical Society was set up to promote botanical awareness among society members and the greater college environ through talks, field trips, and other events.

Business and Economics Society (DUBES)

Founded in 1929, Dublin University Business and Economics Society, or DUBES, was created with a clear goal in mind: To provide our members with access to academic, social, and professional opportunities to help them prepare for the professional world and advance the scope of their knowledge beyond what they learn in class. DUBES unites the students of Trinity together in a social capacity through our annual events that have acted as a rite of passage for BESS students as well as students from other disciplines over the last 90 years.

Classical Society

Our aim as the classical Society of Trinity College Dublin is to encourage interest and study in classics, that is, the ancient worlds of Greek and Roman Civilization!

Clinical Therapies Society

This is a society for Trinity Students interested in the fields of Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Radiation Therapy and Physiotherapy

Engineering Society

Engineering society is one of Trinity’s oldest societies. Our aim is to organise events which promote engineering in new and refreshing ways: such as workshops, quizzes, trips and hosting guest speakers. We also provide a social outlet for our members allowing them to mix and network with other students outside their classes.

Entrepreneurial (TES)

TES fosters innovation in Trinity College and aids students on all stages of their entrepreneurial journey through an array of programmes and events. We run an Incubator programme, a Dragon's Den competition, a Startup Fair, the TES Talks series, a Hack Day, and a seri

Geographical Society

GeogSoc provides both a social and educational opportunity for students, from all courses, to come together and share their interest in geography, travel, and the wider world. Our annual International Fieldtrip to a European city is among our biggest events, in previous years visiting Sofia, Warsaw, Bucharest. We also host the famous Earth Ball, Pub Quiz, National Fieldtrip, and plenty of other smaller events! You can join GeogSoc during Freshers' Week, popping along to any of our events during the year, or emailing us, you're sure to have an incredible experience! Most of our members join during Freshers' Week, however membership can be easily acquired by emailing us at any point throughout the year or by popping along to any of our events. click for more info


DU History is one of trinity's oldest and most active societies. We seek to engender an appreciation for and an enjoyment of history. You do not need to study history to get involved in our society, we're open to absolutely anyone with an interest in anything historical

Law Society

The Law Society is one of the biggest, most active and most vibrant societies on the Trinity College campus, involving members from a wide range of faculties. Law Soc brings their members a huge range of events throughout the year, from our distinguished Speaker Series

Management Science Society DUMSS

This bright society plans events for its members such as guest speakers, race nights, karaoke nights, networking nights, "team-building" trips away, sports leagues, trading games and lots, lots more.

Mathematical Society

The Maths Society caters to those in any way mathematical...

Microbiological Society

The Microbiological Society aims to keep people up to date on the current research in the field and expose its members to a variety of different research areas. Members are undergraduates, postgraduates, postdocs, and PIs in microbiology and related fields which provides a great chance to meet your peers and other people with similar interests. Throughout the year we hold seminar series and other events to help expand our knowledge on different microbial areas and provide a great chance to network. Topics and guest speakers are chosen for their ability to provide topical, factual, and up-to-date information on state-of-the-art developments as well as to illustrate important principles of the natural sciences.

Pharmaceutical Students Association

DUPSA is Trinity's pharmaceutical society. It places an emphasis on fun and entertainment for all aspirin' pharmacists in Trinity. Events throughout the year include many wine receptions, a mystery tour, a Pharmacy ball, and also a soccer tournament. DUPSA also have a s

Psychological Society

DU PsychSoc is committed to promoting the field of psychology within College. Hosting regular social and educational events for psych students and anyone else with an interest, we're one of the most active, welcoming societies on campus. And of course, our annual European trip and ball are not to be missed! Follow us on Instagram or Twitter for event info.

Theological Society (Theo)

The College Theological Society was founded in 1830 and along with the Phil and the Hist forms the esteemed triad of the College’s oldest enduring societies. Its original purpose was centred around formal theological formation catering predominately to the privileged few of one religion and one gender. In more recent times it has evolved into a space where on Monday evenings at 6.30pm students, academics, and experts in their field come together. They discuss and debate topics including spirituality, ethics, the climate crisis, sexuality, faith, social justice, and human rights. Society is frequently faced with these pressing subjects and the Theo plays an important role in fostering the college community to recognise and address these issues.

Zoological Society

Zoological Society (ZooSoc) is the go-to society for all animal lovers.