Trinity Development and Alumni Fund

The CSC is delighted to announce the launch of the Trinity Development & Alumni Fund to support student society activity. The fund is separate from the annual CSC Grant and we would invite you to be really creative and think of events/activities/ initiatives that will be extra special for your members – the criteria is wide open as we try to encourage your society to think big. 

This fund is open for all recognised societies in TCD to apply; applications are via the CSC GrantApp portal and will remain open throughout the academic year. Many thanks to Trinity Development & Alumni (TDA) who are a major supporter of societies.  

In addition to supporting societies, Trinity Development & Alumni provides equivalent funding to college clubs and matched funding for student philanthropic activities, and started the Student Hardship Fund at the beginning of the pandemic. TDA also supports students through alumni-to-student mentoring. For more information on all of TDA’s activities please visit or email [email protected]