Booking a stand

Junior Dean’s Guidelines for ‘Bake Sales and Use of Tables & Stands’

i.Student clubs, societies and organisations such as the SU, GSU should apply to the Junior Dean for permission to hold a ‘fundraising bake sale’. However, if a club/society wishes to use a table/stand to provide information or sell tickets for a society or club event, they do not have to apply to the Junior Dean for permission to do so. The Student club/society can go directly to the Attendant Staff in the relevant building (Arts/Hamilton) and book a table/stand (subject to availability) for this purpose.

ii. Only Student Clubs, Societies and organisations such as the SU, GSU may apply for Junior Dean’s permission to hold a fundraising ‘bake sale’ – individual students will not be permitted to hold a bake sale.

iii. In the interest of fairness but without prejudice to the Junior Dean’s authority, it shall normally be the case that only one cake sale per term will be permitted to any individual University Society, Sports Club or College Publication, or to the Students’ Union, or to the Graduate Students’ Union’. (Note: DU Players Society are permitted to apply for permission to hold one bake sale per ‘play’ during a term.

iv. The Premises Services Manager has advised that in order to reduce congestion in the buildings, there should only be a maximum of three bakes sales held per week in each building (Arts & Hamilton) and that only one bake sale should occur on each of those days.

v. Students are also advised that the ‘bake sale’ should meet the relevant requirements in the ‘Food/Drinks Regulations’ (i.e. no hot food to be served, no burko boilers or other equipment to be used and tidy up after). Food and Drink Regulations Please take the following steps when applying for the Junior Dean’s permission to hold a fundraising bake sale:

Step 1. Book a ‘table/stand’ in the Arts Building or Hamilton Building – Speak to the relevant building Attendants to request the stand, they will see if you can be accommodated on the date you require. This ‘provisional booking’ will be held until Junior Dean’s permission has been confirmed.

Step 2. Send a request to the Junior Dean through the online event application form on the JD’s webpage.  Please indicate on the form (under ‘Nature of Event’ section) that you have made a ‘provisional booking’ for the table/stand and please also indicate the purpose of the ‘bake sale’ – e.g. ‘DU Players bake sale to fundraise for production of Macbeth’.

Step 3. The Enquiries Office will receive the submitted online application form, check the details and forward this to the Junior Dean’s Office ([email protected] ), for the Junior Dean’s review. If permission is granted, the Junior Dean’s Office will issue you (requestor) with an email to confirm permission to proceed with the bake sale.

Step 4. You can then confirm with the relevant Attendant that the Junior Dean’s permission has been received. (The Junior Dean’s Office will also notify Estates & Facilities regarding ‘bake sale’ permissions issued.)

Step 5. You can then liaise with the relevant building Attendant to set up the table/stand on the day.

Step 6. Best of luck with the bake sale!