Room Bookings & Catering

Information about booking events/meetings, insurance and catering on campus.

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 See bottom of page for alternative venues and who to contact for bookings

Space on campus is normally booked via with the exception of a few (see Alt Venues below) including Society Meeting Room 3 in the Atrium and the Eliz Room in House 6 (for use during CSC office hours 10 – 5). These rooms can be booked directly through Emma or Lucy

Step 1: To find a suitable space for your event/meeting/activity.

  • Submit your venue booking via email  or in person to the Enquiries Office, or call them on 01 896 1897.
  • A minimum of 3 days notice is recommended for ‘meetings’ (a basic meeting space with no reception. It is not necessary to follow step 2 for this type of request).
  • A minimum of 5 working days notice is required for booking ‘events’ on campus (events that require additional permission,  for example if you are holding reception etc).
  • For larger ‘special events/activity’ such as concerts, balls etc you must book well in advance and apply for permission to do so at least 8 days in advance of the function

Step 2. Apply for permission from the Junior Dean.

  • Fill in a form for permission to host the event via the Junior Dean website
  • If you are planning an event, please consult the JDs guidance checklist for events before submitting your application.

Make sure that your request form is filled out correctly to avoid any delays, the enquiries office will review the information given on the form and confirm that a venue reservation has been made. Once all of the information supplied is OK the form is sent by the enquiries office to the Premises Support Manager, who will review all aspects of the event request regarding ‘premises’ (attendant cover, insurance, safety etc..) and get back to you if needed.

Once these aspects are agreed and confirmed ok, this information is sent back to the Enquiries Office and copied to the Junior Dean/BB for final review/sign-off of the event permission. As you can see from this process that time is needed to guarantee your event can go ahead, so don’t leave it until the last minute.

Make sure that you have the booking confirmation slip with you at your event.

Note from the college enquiries office: Permission to hold a meeting likely to give rise to a need for additional security must be sought two weeks in advance, through the Enquiries Office, and the cost of extra security and other special arrangements must be borne by the organisers. The cost of any damage caused as a result of such a meeting will also be charged to the organisers, who may be required to lodge a deposit beforehand. Failure to apply in time for permission to hold a meeting, the plans for which turn out to require special security, will be grounds for refusing permission for that meeting.

Alt venues

  • The GSU Common Room, booked through vicepresident@tcdgsu.iepermission from JDean needed for receptions
  • The Exam Hall, book through the office, permission from JDean needed
  • Trinity Chapel, use of the College Chapel is restricted and subject to the discretion of the College Chaplains – ,  permission from JDean is also needed.
  • Players’ Theatre,, permission from JDean needed
  • The Dining Hall, email, permission from JDean  needed
  • The Global Room, permission from JDean needed
  • Museum Building, TBC, permission from JDean needed
  • The Pavilion Bar. Booking information
  • The Printing House – email, permission from JDean needed
  • Bank Of Ireland Workbench, venue can hold 60 standing or 40 seating – email

Off campus

  • The House of Lords, the chamber of the Old Irish House of Lords may be made available by Bank of Ireland College Green. Enquiries to
  • Depending on availability, Science Gallery Dublin may have free space to offer societies. Please contact in relation to this. Alternatively, they offer a 50% discount on rates to Trinity societies.

Serving alcohol at society events

All students and societies must comply with the College Alcohol Policy 

Alcoholic drinks can only be consumed inside; if students go outside to smoke, they must leave their drink inside.

In general, permission to serve alcohol at functions before 6 p.m. will not be granted. Any requests for such will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Permission for these events will only be granted if food is also to be served, if there are soft drinks available and if proper measures are in place to prevent the serving of patrons who are already inebriated.  The “two drinks rule” must be strictly adhered to during all receptions at which alcohol is served.  Under no circumstances whatsoever will permission be granted to serve alcohol prior to 4p.m.  Tea, coffee and non-alcoholic drinks may be served at any reception throughout the day.

Note from the college enquiries office: If it is found that alcohol is being served or consumed at any event prior to 6p.m. without permission for such service, the event will be immediately suspended.  The Junior Dean has made it clear that should any individual representing a society serve alcohol, without prior approval, he or she will be subject to the College disciplinary procedures as outlined in the College Calendar.


If the event involves catering, the event organiser can either use the College Catering Department or an approved caterer.

If your society wishes to use an external caterer that is not from the approved list, the event organiser must provide evidence to the Enquiries Office that the caterer has been checked and approved as follows:

    • A HSE Catering Certificate from the external caterer, submit this to the Catering Manager, Ms. Moira O’Brien or tel: 1099) at least 10 working days’ prior to the event, for her review and approval.
    • The following insurance information and send it to TCD Insurance  at least 10 working days’ prior to the event, for their review and approval:
  • Each and every service provider, contractor, caterer, hiring company etc. should provide evidence of their insurances as set out below:
    • Public Liability: Not less than 6.5m Euro any one event with a specific indemnity to Trinity College Dublin.
    • Employers Liability: Not less than 13m Euro any one event.
    • Caterers should also provide evidence of their Products Liability insurance not less than 6.5m Euro’.

More information regarding insurance is available at: