Room Bookings & Catering

20/9/20 – Update in light of recent COVID-19 restrictions please see for information about society activity until 9th October 2020

Click for a breakdown of space available to book via [email protected]

 See bottom of page for alternative venues and who to contact for bookings

Space on campus is normally booked via [email protected] with the exception of a few (see Alt Venues below) including Society Meeting Rooms in the Atrium and the Eliz Room in House 6 (for use during CSC office hours 10 – 5). The Atrium rooms are booked online HERE – please note that alcohol is not permitted in the Atrium meeting rooms.

The Eliz Room 10 -5  can be booked directly through Emma or Lucy

The Central Events Office/Enquiries Office are responsible for managing all enquiries and bookings related to meetings and events organised by academic departments, the Students’ Union, the Graduate Students’ Union, College societies and clubs as well as external organisations.

The Central Events/Enquiries Team are located in House 5, via the entrance to Regent House. They can be contacted at the details below:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +353 1 896 1724 or +353 1 896 1897

  1. Office Opening Hours
  • Monday to Thursday 9.00am – 5.00pm
  • Friday 9.00am – 4.45pm
  • Closed Bank Holidays

In order to make a room booking request, we would kindly ask that you send an email with the following information to enquiri[email protected] at least 5 days in advance:

  1. Please include the following information:
  • Club/Society name
  • Date of requested booking
  • Time and duration of requested booking
  • Required capacity
  • Booking details/description of event
  1. Points to note when planning an event:
    1. Society bookings can only be facilitated outside of teaching hours (ie after 6pm on week days).
    2. We will do our best to accommodate all booking requests but those received on the day of an event cannot always be facilitated – we would kindly ask that you email through booking requests at least 5 days in advance.
    3. All society bookings should be emailed from the official CSC society email address.
    4. In the interest of fairness and to accommodate other college activities, lecture theatres cannot be block booked.
    5. Please ensure that you have your booking confirmation with you at your event should any clarification be sought from the building attendant.

Weekend Bookings  – Any weekend bookings should be requested through the Enquiries Office.  Charges will apply for any weekend bookings after 1pm on Saturday as the College is closed. These charges will be advised by the Estates and Facilities department through the Enquiries Office. Payment is arranged directly with Estates and Facilities.

  1. Catering

If your booking involves catering or alcohol, an event/party request should be submitted after the space is booked at least 5 working days in advance of the event date for review by Estates and Facilities followed by approval by the Junior Dean. The form can be found here.

There are a limited number of venues on campus that can accommodate catering. These venues book up extremely quickly so advance planning is required if your event is to be facilitated:

  1. GMB
To book space in the GMB you need permission from the President/Auditor of the Phil/Hist before formalizing the booking with the College Enquiries office . Bookings with permissions must be submitted to Enquiries at least 5 working days in advance of your event, once you have booked you may apply for permission from the Junior Dean for receptions etc, so please request permission in good time.
FYI: Rooms bookable in the GMB 
Ground Floor:

First Floor:

Third Floor
  1. Exam Hall

Before the Exam Hall can be booked, it must be released by the Exams office. The Enquiries Office can request this on behalf of the society when the booking request is received. We however have no control over the timeline for a response or release of the venue. Release of the Examination Hall during examination periods requires the Estates and Facilities team to breakdown the exam setting, clean hall and reset for the event. This process normally takes one working day, if the hall needs to be set for exams immediately after the event booking, one working day is required to breakdown event setting, clean and reset for exams. Any additional costs incurred by Estates and Facilities will be chargeable to the event organisers.

  1. Event Management Plans

For all events outside of the normal activities of societies and clubs and any event involving members of the public outside the College Community, an Event Safety Management Plan should be drawn up & submitted at least 10 days in advance of the proposed event. Failure to do so or submission of an incomplete event management plan may result in your event request being denied. An Event Safety Management plan template can be requested from the Enquiries Office.


Alt venues

  • The GSU Common Room, booked through vicepresident@tcdgsu.iepermission from JDean needed for receptions
  • The Exam Hall, book through the [email protected] office, permission from JDean needed
  • Trinity Chapel, use of the College Chapel is restricted and subject to the discretion of the College Chaplains – [email protected] ,  permission from JDean is also needed.
  • Players’ Theatre, [email protected], permission from JDean needed
  • The Dining Hall, email [email protected], permission from JDean  needed
  • The Global Room, [email protected] permission from JDean needed
  • Museum Building, contact them, permission from JDean needed
  • The Pavilion Bar. Booking information
  • The Printing House – email [email protected], permission from JDean needed
  • Bank Of Ireland Workbench, venue can hold 60 standing or 40 seating – email [email protected]

Off campus

  • Depending on availability, Science Gallery Dublin may have free space to offer societies.  Your event may qualify under the Community events scheme – you will find the application form for that HERE Alternatively, they offer a 50% discount on rates to Trinity societies. Contact [email protected] in relation to this. 

Serving alcohol at society events

All students and societies must comply with the College Alcohol Policy 

Alcoholic drinks can only be consumed inside; if students go outside to smoke, they must leave their drink inside.

In general, permission to serve alcohol at functions before 6 p.m. will not be granted. Any requests for such will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Permission for these events will only be granted if food is also to be served, if there are soft drinks available and if proper measures are in place to prevent the serving of patrons who are already inebriated.  The “two drinks rule” must be strictly adhered to during all receptions at which alcohol is served.  Under no circumstances whatsoever will permission be granted to serve alcohol prior to 4p.m.  Tea, coffee and non-alcoholic drinks may be served at any reception throughout the day.

Note from the college enquiries office: If it is found that alcohol is being served or consumed at any event prior to 6p.m. without permission for such service, the event will be immediately suspended.  The Junior Dean has made it clear that should any individual representing a society serve alcohol, without prior approval, he or she will be subject to the College disciplinary procedures as outlined in the College Calendar.


If the event involves catering, the event organiser can either use the College Catering Department or an approved caterer.

If your society wishes to use an external caterer that is not from the approved list, the event organiser must provide evidence to the Enquiries Office that the caterer has been checked and approved as follows:

    • A HSE Catering Certificate from the external caterer, submit this to the Catering Manager, Ms. Moira O’Brien [email protected] or tel: 1099) at least 10 working days’ prior to the event, for her review and approval.
    • The following insurance information and send it to TCD Insurance  at least 10 working days’ prior to the event, for their review and approval:
  • Each and every service provider, contractor, caterer, hiring company etc. should provide evidence of their insurances as set out below:
    • Public Liability: Not less than 6.5m Euro any one event with a specific indemnity to Trinity College Dublin.
    • Employers Liability: Not less than 13m Euro any one event.
    • Caterers should also provide evidence of their Products Liability insurance not less than 6.5m Euro’.

More information regarding insurance is available at: