Covid-19 Advice to Societies

Last updated: 16/October/2020

Dear all, 

Dublin will remain at Level 3 restrictions until further notice.  This means that the additional measures announced by College at the time the original imposition of Level 3 restrictions remain in place.  These additional measures mandated the suspension of extracurricular activities that require physical gathering for the present time.  This suspension applies to all society activities (both on and off campus).

At this time, and until further notice, we advise that you move all society activities online. Society activities can have no physical presence on campus or off campus until these restrictions have been lifted.  

We have a responsibility as citizens, students and leaders of societies to do our bit to prevent outbreaks on our campus, to protect students and to ensure that our societies – by acting in the spirit of the regulations now – can operate as fully as possible in the near future.

Living with COVID-19 plan

Earlier this week the Government announced a new “Living with COVID-19” plan which sets out a number of new categories of activities and levels (as described above) which place varying restrictions on these categories.  Under these guidelines, most society activity will fall under the following two categories: 

Organised indoor events/gatherings in controlled environments

Organised outdoor events/gatherings in controlled environments

These guidelines should be referred to regularly and the current restriction level noted before organising any society event. Additional restrictions from time to time may be placed on society activity by the College and the Department of Higher Education and these should also be noted. In all cases, we need to err on the side of caution and in the spirit of the guidelines. 

It is important to note that while the restrictions for Organised outdoor events/gatherings under Level 3 allow for 15 people outdoors – these guidelines are superseded by the request from College and the Department of Higher Education to limit our physical activities until further notice. 

We are confident that once Dublin gets through the coming period, we will be able to operate more freely. Should the situation in Dublin improve, a list of restrictions applicable at Level 2 can be found here.

This news continues to be disappointing but the tremendous success of Freshers Week – compliments both straightforward and of the “wish we were as good as that” variety have flowed in – and the opportunities of Societies Week, have and will continue to put TCD societies in a good position to overcome this hurdle.

When restrictions are lifted, we will be in a situation where we have detailed protocols and procedures in place to allow societies to engage fully with their membership at very short notice.

We will update with any more information as we have it, and we hope to be the bearers of better news sometime in the future. There is life and hope and happiness, find creative ways to enjoy life through this.


CSC Officers and Staff