CSC Atrium Rooms

The booking system is currently down – please email to book.

1. Chose a room from the below list and book up to three time slots.
2. Each time slot lasts for 1 hour e.g. an 8pm booking means you have the room until 9pm.
3. When you’ve selected the desired time slots click “Check out time slots”. To unselect a time slot click the time slot again. 
3. Select your society’s CSC email from the drop down list.
4. Once you filled out the remainder of the booking form you’ll need to confirm this booking using the confirmation 
     link sent to your CSC account. Bookings not confirmed within an hour will be automatically released back into the system.
5. Finally, you’ll need to pick up the key to the room from Emma in the CSC office in House 6. All keys must be dropped back       after use or the next morning if the CSC office is closed.

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Terms and Conditions for booking 
  1.  The Atrium Rooms (2/3/4) are strictly for the use of TCD Societies
  2. The organiser of the event must be a current Trinity student/member of staff  with a valid ID card.
  3. All persons using the facilities must me members of college and are required to abide by Trinity College Dublin policies (link)
  4. The Atrium opening hours are between Monday and Friday, from 10am – 9pm.
  5. Should catering be required, only prepared foods, light snacks and non-alcoholic drinks are allowed.
  6. Hirer is responsible for any loss or damage to furniture and equipment inside the rooms
  7. Hirer is required to clean the rooms following the event, ensuring that all rubbish is immediately removed. 
  8. Should the hirer fail to observe the rules, the CSC reserves the right to reject future applications for use of the space and fine for any damages caused.

Please leave the rooms as you would expect them, there are a number of places to dispose of waste and recycle across campus, see here.

About the rooms

Workshop & Committee Room – Room 2
Capacity: 20-25
This room, with three sets of tables and chairs is ideal for holding society committee meetings, or for hosting workshops. 

AV Room – Room 3
Capacity: 20-25
This room has a high quality projector and speaker system with HDMI input. It is best suited to guest speaker presentations, lectures, or film screenings. 

Atrium Conversation Room – Room 4
Capacity: 20-25
 This room contains couches and soft furnishings. It’s ideal for coffee hours, and other informal society gatherings.