Getting Involved

 The CSC Executive are your elected representatives, and are appointed to carry out the daily running of the CSC, allocating grants, deciding on recognition of new societies etc and the group generally meet once a week. Being on the CSC Executive is a rewarding experience, and gives you valuable insight into the inner workings of society life. 


There’s some information here on the roles – you can also contact the current executive or you can drop into the office and speak with Emma and Lucy anytime if you have questions about it.


In addition to ordinary executive members, there are four Officers – Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Amenities Officer.  There is information here about their duties, and you can drop by the CSC office and speak to any of the current officers during their office hours. 


The role of Honorary Treasurer is a three year position, and so is normally held by a postgraduate student or a member of staff. More information on this role can be found at the bottom of this page