Society of the Year Awards 2022

Society of the Year Awards 2022



soc of the year2 (Facebook Cover)The CSC Society of the Year Awards 2022 will take place at 7 pm on 16th March 2022 in the Clontarf Castle Hotel.

Tickets go on sale 1st March – for more information on tickets check your society email address

Click into your society log in on the grant app page to find the eleven award categories and complete the nomination forms for your society. Nominations for the awards open via the CSC website today 17th Feb and the final deadline is 8th March at 5pm sharp. 

This year the CSC has introduced an award in conjunction with the Ability CO-OP,  recognising societies work in the area of disability inclusion and accessibility
We welcome back the ‘Go Green’ award, which recognises the work TCD societies do to promote and encourage sustainability and environmental awareness. 
The Society of the Year awards are kindly supported by the Trinity Development and Alumni  #InspiringGenerations

Society of the Year 2021 Winners

If you missed the CSC Society of the year awards you can watch them above.

The Winners from the night are listed below

Best Virtual Production – TMT’s Into the Woods – Trinity Musical Theatre Society

Into the Woods was five months in the making and showcases the best of Trinity Musical Theatre. The show was organised, rehearsed, and filmed without any in-person contact, and the result was a stunning theatre piece that is unlike any Zoom-based theatre produced thus far.

Best Publication –  TCD Cancer Society’s Cook Book

During Lockdown, many Trinity students obeyed the call to #STAYATHOME. Cancer Soc members took this opportunity to try out new recipes in their kitchens which resulted in  recipes submitted by students from a diverse collection of Trinity clubs and societies.

 Best Multi-Day Event –  ‘Convergence’ – A DU Gamers Campaign – Gamers

Convergence was an eight week multi table Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) campaign, with an average of 54 players attending each event.

Best Online Presence – DU Film Society

The strange social environment of the pandemic required a new and welcoming online environment for their members. They rebranded their logos specifically for online use and engaged with their members via every platform imaginable.

Best Fresher –  Peter Lennon from The Traditional Music Society

Peter is a huge addition to the society, both for his enthusiasm and positive outlook, and for his technological skills which allowed him to edit (so far) 15 tune class videos for society members

Best Individual – Ivan Rakhmanin – FLAC

Ivan Rakhmanin is the backbone of society life.  It was FLAC that nominated him, but it could equally have been at least two other societies. He was PRO for FLAC and edited weekly videos for the FLAC Youtube channel as well as updating the society’s social media across the board.  Eg. @trinityflac.

 Best Small Society:  Suas

In the past SUAS was centred on our volunteer programs in DEIS schools and our volunteer abroad programme. Obviously in a pandemic this wasn’t possible, so they held more events than ever before and focused much more heavily on issues of development and global justice.

 Best Medium Society:  DU Gamers

This year DU Gamers rewrote the book on how to run a society online.  They have transitioned from being a society that branded itself as gaming without screens to one that relied solely on screens to interact with our members, but still providing regular gamers with a huge variety of the traditional RPG and card games.

Best Large Society – joint winner Free Legal Advice Centre, FLAC  AND DU Players

This year, FLAC adapted their events to an online format that was both engaging and accessible to the college community. They established a YouTube channel as a medium to deliver panel speaker discussions which ranged in topics from Women in Sport to Criminal Justice.

 Players Put on 60 shows. 6 festivals, over 30 Wednesday Night Events. Two nine module training programmes with over 70 students a term. A Playwrights Programme. A sketch comedy series. A Youtube Salon series. A Scooby Doo puppet musical. A Willy Wonka Musical made in 24 hours! Safe spaces for Queer Identity talks. Lectures on modern feminism and gender. Plays about elephants, seagulls, Little Women, John Waters and identities of every shape, size and colour. And all of it, every single inch of it, online

TCD Community Award – Knitting Society

Knitsoc set up the Knitcord (on Discord) which has various channels sharing general info, patterns, works-in-progress and finished projects. This years’ membership is the highest it’s been in four years and all of them are engaging in this fabulous online community.

Best Poster – DU Dance HipHop Dance class.

Judges felt that this was vibrant, colourful and suggestive of what it was advertising.

 Best Event – Trinity’s Hidden History – DU History Society 

Trinity’s Hidden History was organised to act as a virtual tour of some of the more  interesting places and tales of college campus Many of the attendees were first year students who got to experience the Trinity campus without actually being there.

 Best Online Innovation – Virtual Exhibitions – Photographic Society

DUPA held three 3D online exhibitions of members’ work this year, titled ‘Home’, ‘Arrivals & Departures’ and ‘Bare’.  The exhibitions were published on Kunstmatrix Art Space, which allows the pictures to be displayed in a virtual three-dimensional gallery space.

 BEST COLLABORATIVE EVENT – Asian Week – (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Arabesque, South East Asian)

Each society shared part of their respective cultures with a Cultural Film Fair Night, an Asian Arts competition, publication of Daily Asian Recipes, a Cultural Gaming Night, and lastly a week-long movement to spread awareness of the rise in racism against Asians.

 SOCIETIES’ CHOICE – was voted for by a popular vote during the awards. It was given to both the Players and Gamers Society!



Shortlist for SOY 2021

125 societies – 250 nominations for 16 categories and this is the shortlist For the Society of the Year Awards 2021

BEST OVERALL SOCIETY and SOCIETIES’ CHOICE are both voted from the shortlist of Best Small, Medium and Large Society

Best Small Society

Christian Union




Best Medium Society





Trinity Arts Festival

Best Large Society




Vincent de Paul


Friday Hamper Drive Event – Vincent de Paul

Minecraft Build – Archaeological

Transcendence – a DUPA Christmas Exhibition – Photographic

Trinity Women in Law – Women’s Mock Trial – Law

Trinity’s Hidden History – History 

Varsity Sparks – Entrepreneurial

Arab Spring Series – SOFIA

Best Publication 
Cancer Soc Cook Book
Player The Six Degrees of Separation’
The KnitSoc Bible
In Focus SMF

Best Online Presence –  FLAC,  Players, Film, Christian Union, TAF

Best Poster 

The DUPA Exhibition
DU History Poster
K-Soc Poster
Dance Soc HipHop Class
SOFIA The Palestinian Ambassador


Convergence – A DU Gamers Campaign 

Resilience – A DU Players Virtual Festival – Players

TMT Summer Series – Musical Theatre

Trinity Arts Festival 2021 – TAF


Speak Out, Read UP Book Club (SOFIA, Global Development, Amnesty, Environment)

Dismantling Direct Provision (VdP, Politics, Young Greens)

Mock Trial Murder Mystery (Law & Players)

Period Poverty – a panel discussion (FLAC & VdP)

Women’s Week Concert (Jazz, TMTS, Music, Tradsoc, Orchestra)

Asian Week – (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Arabesque, South East Asian) 


Many Moons Ago – A Podcast – History

Players News Now – Players

Referenda in Review – FLAC

TMT’s Into the Woods – Musical Theatre 


Christmas Panto – Biological

Music Livestream Concert – Music

DU Players and Pandemic – Players

Filmmakers’ Roulette – Film

Virtual Exhibitions – Photographic 


Film, FLAC, DU Gamers, Knitting , Korean, Players, Vincent de Paul



Amy Gallagher Law
Calllum Byrne Musical Theatre
Cameron McCabe Psychological
Conor Hanley Entrepreneurial
Ella Sloane TAF
Ellen Kenny Politics
Fiona Logobardi Korean
Ingrid Duggan Trinity TV
Isobel Donnery Photographic
Izabela Powalska ELSA
Luke O’Neill Horseracing
Niamh Ni Earcain Cumann Gaelach
Oli Bosworth Science Fiction
Oliwia Borek Suas
Peter Lennon   Traditional Music
Rishi Wallace Vincent de Paul
Ryan O’Connor SOFIA
Sorcha Byrne FLAC
Sorcha Hennigan Knitting



Aminata Roth SOFIA
Anna Horan Murphy Music
Barry O’Suullivan Consulting Group
Cáit Murphy Film
Charlotte Johnson Musical Theatre
Conall Keane Vincent de Paul
Cora Hermann-Wickham Archaeology
Daryna Kushnir Entrepreneurial
Elzbieta Classen Photographic
Eoin Ussher Politics
Finn Jaksland Computer Science
Finn Jaksland Trinity TV
Hannah Barry Suas
Hasan Ali Muslim Students
Ivan Rakhmanin  FLAC  
Jonathon Boylan Law
Kate Maher Philosophical
Laura O’Sullivan ELSA
Miruna Iancu Knitsoc
Niamh Muldowney Gamers
Robert Riley Dargan Horseracing
Roisin Gowen TAF
Ruán Ó Conluain Biological
Siothrún (Jeffrey) Sardina Cumann Gaelach
Srishma Chatterjee Korean
Stephen Molloy Student 2 Student
Ultan Pringle Players



Society of the Year 2021

The CSC  Society of the Year Awards take place online on 30th March 2021 from 7.30pm – shortlist is available here

Societies in Trinity have faced an incredible challenge over the past year – one that they have risen to and even capitalised upon, in order to create welcoming and nurturing communities for students from every discipline and with a vast array of interests.

Please register here up until 5pm on 30th to receive the zoom link  to the event  

5pm 30th March: We have closed Pre-Registration but you can join us at the link below just before 7.30


OR live stream of the awards on youtube – 

GDPR Notice: This event will be recorded. Please feel free to keep your camera turned off should you wish.

Follow our Social Media channels for the announcement of the shortlists this week

This year the CSC received a record 250 nominations in 16 different categories for the Society of the Year Awards. This is an astonishing accomplishment given the fact that no activity took place on campus.

TCD owes each committee a huge debt of gratitude for safeguarding our students’ mental health and our society communities in this past year, and it would be amazing if you could come and show your appreciation.

Bank of Ireland Sponsorship pitches

From twenty two applications ten student societies pitched for sponsorship from Bank of Ireland yesterday in the BOI Workbench on Trinity Campus

Congratulations to all of the students who took part, representing their society. The judges were so impressed by the pitches that each society came away with some funding towards their respective event.  Agriculture Soc, Biological Soc, DUPA, Fashion Soc, The Hist, Musical Theatre Society, QSoc, TAF, TEDx Trinity, Vegan Soc.


Winners Society of the Year 2019

Best Poster: The World Was Purple Shadows Trinity Arts Festival

Best Publication: Christmas Exhibition DU Photographic Society

Best Multi-Day Event: ‘What If…? Trinity Christian Union

Most Improved Society: Voluntary Tuition Programme

Best New Society: Vegan Society

Best Individual: Sam Hardiman DU Music Society

Best Fresher: Todd Pender Trinity Literary Society

Best Collaborative Event: Multicultural Showcase – Music, Cumann Gaelach, Tradsoc, Arabesque, Russian, French, Hispanic, German, Indian, Chinese Society

Best 4th Week Event: Mindfulness Day  – DU Mediation Society

Best Medium Society: Musical Theatre Society

Best Large Society: DU Players

Best Small Society: FLAC

Best Event: This House Believes Society is Failing People with Disabilities The Philosophical Society AND The Annual Panto Vincent de Paul

Best Overall Society: FLAC

Best Online Presence: Trinity Arts Festival

Societies Choice: Environment Society

Shortlist for Society of the Year 2019

Full Shortlist of the nominees for the Society of the Year 2019 sponsored by Bank of Ireland




Musical Theatre




Cumann Gaelach


Student Managed Fund

Vincent de Paul



Christian Union

Free Legal Advice Centre (FLAC)


Trinity Arts Festival




Workers Party




Voluntary Tuition Programme


Benjamin McConkey (Politics), Charlotte Van Spall (SOFIA), Daniel Graczyk (Meditation), Gabrielle Fullam (Players), Ines Lonergan (Laurentians), Jamie Aspell (Law), Jiye Xie (Photographic), Joe Kelly (Space), Kevin Mullaney (Psychological), Molly Donnery (Film), Niamh Carey (Cumann Gaelach), Nicky Pochinkov (Vegan), Rachel Galvin (Musical Theatre), Seán Francis (Archaeology), Seirce Mhac Chongaill (Trinity Arts Festival), Todd Pender (Literary), Vince Casey (Computer Science)



‘Are You Smarter Than a Junior Cert Student’ (Voluntary Tuition Programme & Vincent de Paul)

Multicultural Showcase (Music, Cumann Gaelach, Tradsoc, Arabesque, Russian, French, Hispanic, German, Indian, Chinese)

Pink Party: A Celebration of Feminist Art (TAF, Visarts, Photographic, Digital Arts)

The Winter Showcase (TMTS, Dance, Music, Singers)



Aisling Kearney (Literary), Austin Hughes (Players), Britta Thiemt (Psychological), Charlotte Van Spall (SOFIA), Ciara Mullarkey (Germanic), Ciara ní Mhurchú (Cumann Gaelach), Claudia Mannix (Photographic) Ekaterina Lait (Entrepreneurial), Eoin Roche (Comedy), Gerry Doherty (Laurentian), Iseult Deane (TAF), James Cotter (VTP), Jerzy Jaśkuć (Computer Science), Kate Fahy (Law), Komal Malviya (Environment), Lauren McDonald (Musical Theatre), Maggie Goulden (Space), Malika Grant (Afro Caribbean), Marie-Louise O’Callaghan (SMF), Mary Hastings (FLAC), Michael-John Gillen (Historical), Micheál Ganley (Politics), Pat Gannon (Mature), Rachel Buckley (Student 2 Student), Sam Hardiman (Music), Shauna Kelly (Engineering), Sorcha Ryder (Philosophical), Stephen Smith (Archaeology), Susannah Hunt (Film)



Young Design Showcase – Fashion

Mindfulness Day – Meditation

PAVternoon Concert – Music

Mamma Mia: Here we go in 12 Hours – Musical Theatre

The World Was Purple Shadow: GMB Takeover – Trinity Arts Festival



‘What If…?’ (Christian Union)

Éigse na Tríonóide (Cumann Gaelach)

Green Week (Environment)

Trinity Arts Festival 2019 (TAF)



Dragon’s Den (Entrepreneurial)

Trinity Fashion Show (Fashion)

This House Believes Society is Failing People with Disabilities (Philosophical)

TEDxTrinityCollegeDublin (TEDx)

The Annual Panto (Vincent de Paul)

Chicago (TMTS)



Writings About Music (Music)

Christmas Exhibition 2018 (Photographic)

The TCDCU Guide to Freshers (Christian Union)

Chicago Programme (Musical Theatre)



Chicago (Musical Theatre)

THW Forgive The Catholic Church (Philosophical)

Depicting Protest (Photographic)

Eden (Players)

The World Was Purple Shadow (Trinity Arts Festival)


Online Presence

Christian Union





Bank of Ireland Pitching event

The inaugural Bank of Ireland TCD Society pitching event took place at 2pm on 12th November.

This partnership sees BOI, the official bank of TCD, commit to supporting TCD societies for 2018/19.

Applications opened on 16th Oct and 34 societies applied for sponsorship. From the 34 applications 11 societies were selected and invited to pitch their ideas to a panel of four to compete for a slice of the funding. 

The judges were so impressed that they gave funding to each society who pitched.

Congratulations to 
Trinity Arts Festival 2019
BioSoc MedTech competition
Chinese Society Forum
Dance Society equipment
Fashion Society Fashion Show
Film Society DU Film Festival
Indian Soc – Holi Law Soc – Diverse Careers fair
Players (summer festival)
TedX Trinity
Trinity Musical Theatre production 

Smaller sums were also given to;

Arabesque cultural event 
SOPHIA Ambassadors Ball 
Zoo Soc Careers Fair 

Society Alumni Testimonial

Minister Varadkar small

In October 2015 the CSC was delighted to welcome past CSC executive member, ex-chair of the Young Fine Gael Society, the then Minister for Health, and current Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to launch the Society Alumni Testimonial Journal. He was joined by several other Trinity alumni who had been involved in societies in Trinity College. 

 The publication is a compilation of reflections by Trinity Alumni including David O’Doherty, Senator Averil Power, Paddy Cosgrave, Senator David Norris, Dylan Haskins, Senator Ivana Bacik, and many more.  They each reflect on their time here and the invaluable and incomparable experiences they had while serving as society officers. 
The Taoiseach noted the number of his political contemporaries who also came up through TCD Societies. He commended on the breadth and scope of societies present on campus today and spoke of the invaluable skills he developed while on a society committee that he utilises to this day.
This journal was compiled by the CSC as part of the Fourth Week initiative, which aims to highlight to College the value of student-led activities. The impetus that students get from having the opportunity to run a society, the feeling of achievement when a long-planned event runs well, and the knowledge gained about how to bear responsibilities have all been fundamental experiences which have led to the successes that these alumni have achieved later in their lives.  These things all arise from the fact that students run societies by and for themselves, and we hope that continued facilitation of societies and support for the CSC by College will mean that future students will have the same opportunities for entrepreneurship.