COVID-19 Information for Societies in TCD

Update 15.09 12/03/2020

In light of the Government announcement closing the University from 18:00 this evening (up to and including March 29), and in virtue of the steps being taken within the University to implement necessary procedures to adhere to Government and Public Health advice, the CSC Officers have put the following measures into place.

The CSC office will close at 17:00 this evening and reopen at 10:00 on Monday 30 March – unless the Government closure of the University is extended, in which case the information will be updated.

All society activity (meetings, committee meetings, events external to College, etc) which have been planned for the period of the closure should be suspended.

ALL activities beyond the period of closure which will expose the Society to irrecoverable expense should be suspended for the foreseeable future.  If your Society has been intending to hold a Ball or to have a major speaker coming to a large meeting in the next few weeks then these are the types of events that will, if the planning process gets underway, reach a point where expense is committed to and cannot be recovered if you cancel subsequently.  

Given that HSE Guidelines continue to be updated, it cannot be assumed that there will not be further change in the days to come and therefore it is prudent that you do not expose your Society to unnecessary financial risk.   

All AGMs should also be suspended for the period of the Government closure further guidance will be provided later. 

CSC staff and officers can still be contacted by email. Society Treasurers can (where access is possible to society accounting material) still submit end of year accounts to the CSC remotely.

It should be noted that the University Campus is to be closed to all students and staff except Residents and Essential Staff (i.e. those deemed so by College). In such cases where you have access to the Campus, the use of society rooms, spaces etc. is prohibited.  

The CSC Officers realise that this is a very stressful time for all students and society members and have made their decisions regarding these measures on the basis of the updated HSE Guidelines and conscious of their duty to maintain the welfare of their fellow students.